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Ghost Rider Movie Poster Contest

Design a poster for Nicolas Cage! + more

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Twilight Bondage

Twilight is kinda dumb, to a guy like me. + more

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That New Shama-Lame Movie

Yeah, we've seen the signs. You're done. + more

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Sykes' Touch of Death Grows

Wanda Sykes' abilities are progressing. + more

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Welcome Back TV

Thank goodness the writers are back. + more

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I Am Author 5597

There's a new place you can find my ramblings on the internet. + more

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The Lord of the Golden Rider Named Eragon Potter from Narnia

Writers take note. Formulas are good to follow, but meant to be broken. + more

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Going Beyond Batman Begins

Beware marketing team of Lost, you just got pwned. + more

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Robert Zemeckis is Lame (Sometimes)

Beowulf? Yeah!!! Oh, THAT Beowulf... boooooo! + more

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Talk About Writers Block

Good thing I'm not in the WGA, or my attempt at NaBloPoMo would be done for. + more

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You Can't Find Me

I just LOVE it when Hollywood makes stuff up. LOVE it. + more

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Some More... Than Meets the Eye

Would a second viewing of Transformers yield different results? + more

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Less Than Meets the Eye

Transformers, and Michael Bay, needed to do a LOT more to meet my eye. + more

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He-ey, What's Going On?

A few things that have been going on lately. + more

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The Dark Side of Lily Tomlin?

I always liked Lily Tomlin. But YouTube paints a very different picture. + more

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QuickTime Color-Correction

The extended Spider-Man 3 trailer never looked so, uh, strange? + more

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My mind is everywhere today. Instead of making three separate posts, how about just one? + more

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Because THIS will work!

Here we go again, Wal-Mart sticking their nose in places where it either doesn't belong, or won't work. + more

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2007 Snoreboarding Trip Numbers

I'd rather not write a big summary of what happened on my snowboard trip. Instead, I like to do it by the numbers... it's easier that way. + more

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Five Things I Noticed This Weekend

Thing #1: Borat teach lessons at us The other night, for Scoot’s birthday, me and the boys (Ken, Aaron and Nik) went to see Borat – two of us for the second time. Not only was the movie still tear-jearking... + more

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Tupac Lives (with AMC)

This morning I decided to take a walk down to the River Market for breakfast at Succotash. Since I was walking through downtown, I figured that I’d walk around all of the new Power and Light district construction to see... + more

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Snakes On My Blog

var FO = { movie:"http://snakesonaplane.ign.com/bg/banner.swf?bannerID=1155839431986&size=s", width:"300", height:"250", majorversion:"8", build:"0", xi:"true", bgcolor:"#000000"};UFO.create(FO, "snakes"); Make your own Snakes on a Plane trailer!... + more

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"You Boys Ever Been to Mexico!?!"

That’s just one of the many memorable quotes from one of my favorite movies, “Super Troopers.” If the question (the one in the title) were posed to me (without the word “boys,” since I’m only one person), my answer would... + more

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Crash Into Me

*sound of me blowing the dust off of my keyboard* “No time to think, just time to do.” That’s been my motto lately – and I’ve been saying that motto (which means, “doing”) quite a bit. I haven’t been saying... + more

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A Jealous Fever

Watching the trailers for this film last year, I wasn’t too optimistic. Even when my friend Stephen said he liked it, I was a bit surprised. I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard it, but during the past few... + more

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Back to the Futurama?

The latest in the on-going saga of Futurama is a bit of good news from Billy West (the voice of Fry). In a post that he made on his message board, Billy said this about the show’s future: I’m this... + more

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Four Things

As with the overnighters and musical baton from earlier posts, here’s the latest and greatest chain-blog idea. Thanks to Tevis for obligating me. ;) Four jobs I’ve had: BBQ Delivery Driver (on bike) Assistant Manager of a grocery store Camp... + more

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To Winter Park and Back

As my boss so eloquently said on the American Copywriter blog about me not getting the new podcast up on Friday, “Sethy G. saw fit to go snowboarding this week.” Damn right I saw it fit, bossman, and by golly... + more

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Christmas With The Crazies (a.k.a. Post #300)

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, I’m not talking about the new holiday classic crappy movie that came out last year, I’m talking about the dysfunctionalicizing of America’s families and the holidays. And don’t let that last... + more

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Hollywood = Creative

I so can’t wait for December 21! Yeah, it’s close to Christmas, but that’s not why. Sure it’ll be the day after we find out who won our bowling league, but that’s not why either. Of course Arkansas will be... + more

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A Productive Saturday

Over the summer, my Saturdays have become very lazy and mopey. I usually lay around my place reading, catching up on tv or viewing films... oh, and there’s a healthy dose of being online in there, too. I don’t necessarily... + more

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Me Vs. Ye?

With as much information as there is in this world, it's assured that people will disagree on some, if not many, things. Below are the things that I think are the clear winners, in my book, against others' views. College... + more

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Vicky Vail, Need Not Apply

Goodness gracious. Something just bumped "Spider-Man 2" from the number two spot on my favorite comic-book film adaptations. Scoot, Nik and I decided to forego Bad Movie Night this week and decided to go see something ranked a bit differently... + more

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So How Was It!?!

The very first Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) came out when I was the wee age of -2 months. I can't say that I really grew up in my early years being blasted with Star Wars stuff, but... + more

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Top 100 Trailers of 2004

In my spare time, instead of just writing to my precious little blog, I also help a friend of mine (Alex) run a site called Trailer-News.com. The purpose of the site is to review movie trailers that have just come... + more

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Movie Review: Extraordinary Crap

Tonight, I laid low, took a break from all of this week's hecticness. I cleaned my place, washed some clothes, and decided to sit back, relax and watch a movie. Since I use Netflix and have a DVR, I usually... + more

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Third Time's a Charm?

Things come in threes, right? Three blind mice. Three Stooges. 311. And now the latest "three" is the Harry Potter movie franchise. Two weeks ago, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" was released in theatres and quickly made tons... + more

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My Asteroids Hurt

I recently saw one of this summer's blockbuster movies, "The Day After Tommorow." It was an okay flick, rooting a majority of it's story on fact, while embellishing the details quite a bit. The acting in the movie was suspect... + more

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Ed Gein, Role Model?

Last night I sat in my darkened living room and finally watched the remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." When I saw the full trailer for this movie, I was so excited. That trailer is the way that trailers should... + more

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Oh goody!!!!

You know you're a nerd when you get excited about a new Star Wars movie, or happen across a Star Trek film one day and stop to watch it, or better yet, when you're absolutely giddy about a film that... + more

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Do you believe in "Miracle"?

Last night three friends treated me to an advance screening of "Miracle" – the new movie starring Kurt Russell that's based on the USA team that stunned the world when they beat the USSR 4-3 and eventually won the gold... + more

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Terminator 3: Rise Out of Your Seat

Why is it that even when I'm told that a movie sucks, I still go out, waste $3 renting it, take it home, and waste 2 hours of my precious time watching it? There's no answer. Well, no good one,... + more

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The Matrix Revoldumponmyface...

I'm finding it harder and harder to get excited about sequels these days. The mindless, barely-able-to-find-a-plot blockbusters are one thing... but for movies that were groundbreaking when they first came out, it's a real shame to see the supposed franchise... + more

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