You Can't Find Me

Bullshit meter is high on this one.While waiting for “Saw IV” (yet another fun flick with a nice a-ha at the end) to begin the other night, the audience was treated to the normal slew of commercials and trailers (when are theaters going to publish the actual start time of the movie, anyway?). One in particular caught my attention and I was laughing the whole way through. The movie is called “Untraceable,” and the plot goes like this (from Wikipedia):

Set in Portland, Oregon, the film is a thriller involving a serial killer who taunts the FBI by using a website to display his gruesome handiwork. [Diane] Lane plays the protagonist, a cybercop named Jennifer Marsh, who pieces the mystery together.

Sounds about normal, yeah? Well, here's the kicker. Go watch the trailer and tell me you don't laugh out loud when the FBI can't find who's hosting the killer's web site because it's untraceable.

UNTRACEABLE!?! That's ridiculous! Of all the absurd plot lines out there in Hollywood today, I'm surprised this piece of crap is going to be loosed on us.

Anything for a buck, right?

+ original post date: November 3, 2007 08:00 AM
+ categories: Movies, NaBloPoMo, WTF


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I've recently set my site up to be untraceable. It was pretty easy. I just checked the little checkbox at the top of my login screen entitled "Make Untraceable" and voila! Untraceable!

+ author: Todd
+ posted: November 3, 2007 11:27 AM

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