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They are master of all tickets, so they say. + more

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Fairtilizer + the PLUG Awards = good music. + more

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He-ey, What's Going On?

A few things that have been going on lately. + more

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I Was Karaoke’d

I’ve never understood the allure of Karoke. In my estimation, people generally fall into two Karoke categories – the ones who think they can sing (but can’t) and the ones who can really sing (and make everyone else look lame).... + more

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Any iTunes Power Users Out There?

Last night I was explaining to Bruno and Ashlee that during high school I became a recluse to music. My stereo was stolen out of my car, and for several years after that I never replaced it. I quickly became... + more

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The Itch

A friend just forwarded me another css-hacked MySpace profile, pretty cool. Then a co-worker sent me the url to Web Creme – a new site that gives designers a helping (or two, or three) of fresh web design for daily... + more

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The Cost of (Good) Music?

Greed is everywhere, especially in the online music world... let’s take a look at some recent stories – iPod nanos cost about $90 to make, Cingular wants a music download service (with "slightly higher" prices), and then there’s this gem:... + more

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Yeah, I Don't Know Why I Wrote This

I was raised in tha ocean, by my moms and pops With a hundred thousand siblings, we pulled out all tha stops I dropped outta high school, that place a fuckin' joke And swam with the starfish, them bitches, they... + more

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Musical Baton Rouge

I've seen this on several different web sites as of late, and thought it was a neat idea. So why not give it a shot here. It's called the Musical Baton and all of the pertinant information is below. Total... + more

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Robin Hood Ain't Never Been Crunked

The music genres Hip-Hop (or Hippity-Hoppity) and Soul need some help. They're not in any trouble financially, nor are they in trouble of losing listeners. While some artists are consistently creative and others are one-hit wonders, neither of these are... + more

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Htes = Dexelprep

Several weeks ago, I went to see the movie "In Good Company." It's a great little flick, wonderful story, good acting, an overall feel-good movie. It was very similar to last year's "Garden State," which I loved as well (more... + more

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Big News Update

With so many things going on right now, I thought it would be best if I just wrote up a large update, to inform the many masses that read my blog. Resident Evil: Apocalypse Today was the deadline for the... + more

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Family Reunion, of sorts...

Last night in Fayetteville, Arkansas, The Paper Hearts played their first show in over a year. In the past month they all reunited (except for Andrew, who's living in Seattle playing with Aqueduct) and recorded a new five song EP... + more

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The New Tragedies

My great friend Aaron Weidner is in a bad aaa new band called The New Tragedies. They're playing their first public show next Tuesday, November 25, at Davey's Uptown. The show should begin around 9:00ish. Go there, eat food, drink... + more

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