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Several weeks ago, I went to see the movie "In Good Company." It's a great little flick, wonderful story, good acting, an overall feel-good movie. It was very similar to last year's "Garden State," which I loved as well (more so than "In Good Company"). These movies have a lot more in common than just the type of story they convey, their soundtracks are littered with many new and great artists – like The Shins, Iron & Wine, and even an old favorite Nick Drake. I recommend that anyone who is a fan of music to go and at least check these out on iTunes: Garden State Soundtrack | In Good Company Soundtrack

When I went to check out the soundtrack for "In Good Company," I was extremely confused. No songs from Rogue Wave appeared on the song list... which I find odd since there were two Rogue Wave songs in the movie – I'm very positive about this. I know a lot of times production companies get permission to use a song in a movie, but not list it on the soundtrack. In my opinion, that sucks for those who buy the soundtrack, because Rogue Wave is one of my favorite bands right now.

I can't find any information about this oddity when I Googled it, so I figured I'd write about it here. Maybe we'll hear something from more people.

+ original post date: February 1, 2005 01:39 PM
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Fortunately, I know the answer to your question. About a week before the soundtrack was manufactured, Roque Wave changed their name to Steely Dan and you'll notice that their song called "Reelin' in the Years" is track number 10. You're welcome.

+ author: Crasymaker
+ posted: June 25, 2005 09:36 AM

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