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You Did It! You Just Hit a Home Run!!!

One might say that this is as close as I get to being a crazed stalker of stars. + more

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I Wreck My Car

“It can happen in the blink of an eye,” never rang so true. + more

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I Was Karaoke’d

I’ve never understood the allure of Karoke. In my estimation, people generally fall into two Karoke categories – the ones who think they can sing (but can’t) and the ones who can really sing (and make everyone else look lame).... + more

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Halloween is Hellafun

Every year is usually the same. I have great intentions of going out and grabbing all the right ingredients for an elaborate costume, but the weeks and weekends fly by, I go nowhere, and usually fall back on some crummy... + more

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On the Bad Side of Good Customer Service

I wake up on Tuesday morning and head into my normal routine. Get up, check email, eat breakfast, shower, get ready for work and fix my lunch. On this particular Tuesday, I felt like I was missing an early meeting... + more

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Help Me Help You Me

About eight months ago I came across a really cool web site. It was some guy’s art project, I think, and he turned it into an interactive site. The premise was interrupting people on the subway, or on their walk... + more

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Commerce Bank Customer Service

Until yesterday, I had been without a debit card for over three weeks now. It was hard to go back to the days of college where you only had an ATM, but what sucked even worse was the response (or... + more

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Happy the Valentime’s Day Song

Happy the Valentime’s Day to all you start-cross’d lovers out there. Seeing as there’s no official song for this holiday, I figured why shouldn’t there be one? So I got the ole’ guitar out and made up this little song... + more

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Gooding #7

Back in the day (when day = high school), Todd and I would listen to, take life lessons from, and emulate, “The Jerky Boys.” Seriously, we could listen to this cd and laugh for hours, I still think it’s hilarious...... + more

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Yeah, I Don't Know Why I Wrote This

I was raised in tha ocean, by my moms and pops With a hundred thousand siblings, we pulled out all tha stops I dropped outta high school, that place a fuckin' joke And swam with the starfish, them bitches, they... + more

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Truly Outrageous

Whoa-oh-oh Jem Je-em is truly outrageous Truly, truly, truly outrageous Whoa-oh-oh Jem Je-em, the music's contagious, outrageous Jem is my name, no one else is the same Jem is my name!... + more

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