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It Figures.

Argh! + more

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Ants In My Pants Car

ANTS!!!!! IN MY CAR!!!!!! + more

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And I Would Drive 100k Miles

12,500 miles a year, on average. Not bad. + more

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And We're Down to One

I said I'd get rid of MY car? Hmmmm. + more

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Should I Jettison Jettason My Car?

I need some help from the viewing audience, please. + more

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Carmic Retribution

The week following my silly accident has been good. Sometimes. + more

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I Wreck My Car

“It can happen in the blink of an eye,” never rang so true. + more

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Not So Bad ... This Time

It's been a year (or more, actually) and I had until the end of July to get my license plate(s) renewed for another year. It was only last year that I had so much freaking trouble getting my car “official,”... + more

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Car Stories

Window Woes With as many horrible stories we all share about car troubles, sometimes you do get to see the silver-lining. About two weeks ago, while driving out to lunch, the driver's side window on my 2000 Volkswagon Jetta fell... + more

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New license Plates

Well, well, well. I FINALLY have new license plates for my car. But it came with a hefty price tag, and lots (and I mean LOTS) of annoyances. It was about all I could take, and then it seemed to... + more

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And I Will Drive 50k More

This Sunday, I rolled the 50,000th mile in my car. That puts me averaging approximately 12,500 miles a year, 1,042 miles a month, or 10.6 miles a day. I've loved my Jetta ever since I bought it. I've even loved... + more

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