And We're Down to One

Waaaaaaaay back in January, I posted my annual list of New Year's Resolutions for all to enjoy (or monitor, if you're Scoot). One of those resolutions was to get rid of my car by the year's end.

I got the VW Jetta way back in April of 2000 on lease. After the lease was up, three years later, I was asked by VW if I wanted to purchase the car. It sounded like a good plan #8211; all of the money I had spent on the lease would be put towards the purchase of the car. So I did it. I got a auto loan from my bank and kept driving the car.

As you can see by looking at the calendar, we're in the second half of 2008 and I'm still making payments on my car. If that's not crazy enough, I'll be making payments on this car until almost half-way through 2009.

Not the best financial move I've ever made.

Once Ashlee and I moved in with each other, we noticed that we drove one car a LOT more than we drove both cars. We work at the same place, so car-pooling was a given. But even beyond that, save for a few outta town trips, there weren't many times when we needed both cars.

Last week, Ashlee's car's lease was up and we decided to turn it in and not replace it.

We now have one car for the two of us. I doubt that I'll get a different car to replace the Jetta in 2008, so I won't be accomplishing one of my resolutions. But I'm fine with that since we'll be saving over $400 a month. We haven't run into a car-scheduling problem, yet. But I'm guessing that this could get interesting before too long. We'll see.

+ original post date: September 14, 2008 02:34 PM
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