Ants In My Pants Car

I've had my Jetta for, what, over a decade now. And yes, for those of you that know the "hilarious" situation, I probably DID make payments on this car for at least 7 of those years (you can kindly get off my back now). With having said car for over a decade, there's been plenty of things that have happened.

That said, the Jetta has taken me plenty of places. And I'd say it's taken me even more places since we consolidated into a one-car household.

The one place I NEVER thought the car would take me was to an ant party infestation.

A few weekends ago we were in Fayetteville for a visit and, much like the rest of the South, it was H-O-T (the dashes between letters places an emphasis on how hot it actually was). Since it was so hot, I thought that cracking the windows to the car would allow the heat to escape before we had to get back inside and drive around.

Cut to the next morning.

We open the car up to go to brunch and there are ants. Everywhere. Not just visible, but coming out of vents and seat belt compartments. I have no idea why the ants were in there (it couldn't have been the absolutely disgusting state of the car and/or the random bits of food under the seats), maybe they were trying to escape the rain.

After a brief freak-out session, we managed to shop-vac, car wash and subsequent car-wash-vac 99% of the ants out of the car. The rest have since perished. (Here are some other handy ways to get rid of ants in your car.)

But if anyone ever offers you the chance of having ants installed in your car, I highly recommend that you pass. Unless you enjoy driving and randomly feeling ants crawling up your legs.

+ original post date: August 29, 2011 07:17 AM
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