Gooding #7

Back in the day (when day = high school), Todd and I would listen to, take life lessons from, and emulate, “The Jerky Boys.” Seriously, we could listen to this cd and laugh for hours, I still think it’s hilarious... almost like one of your favorite quotable movies. We liked the Jerky Boys so much, that we decided to go out and get our own phone call recording accessories and do our own pranks.

When we had a full enough tape, we would write up a track listing page and then title the tape itself. Being the overly cautious kid that I was, I made sure to title the tapes something my dad would never suspect to be a prank tape. That’s when “Ledbetter 5” and “Gooding #7” were created.

Today, while I was consolidating boxes in my storage unit, I found the track listing sheet for “Gooding #7” and thought I’d share with it with you all.

Gooding #7, Side A

Gooding #7, Side B

As you can see, we never got around to finishing Gooding, so I’m pretty sure it was our second tape. I also have a horrible memory and I know I’m wrong about some of these descriptions, maybe Todd can chime in. And the worst thing about this all, I don’t know if we still have a copy of this, or not. It’s probably in the same place as some of the old videos we made, which is no where that we know of. Sad.

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Whatever you don't remember, Aaron is cracking up behind me telling me the rest...i WISH you could find the tapes.

my fave is the Thanksgiving one..."Hey! We are here! WE made it to town! we'll be right over...got little Susie and little Bobby..."..."uh, sir...who are you?.....we didn't invi..." "SOO excited to see you guys!! Now are you still on 2634 Jackson Blvd...."

the best.

+ author: bev
+ posted: February 5, 2006 11:14 AM

NICE! i never made my own, but ive been obsessed with Longmont Potion Castle for literally 10 years running right now...

+ author: worstweatherever
+ posted: February 6, 2006 12:26 AM

On a slow day when I worked at BlairLake we did a "game" where each of us had to call a restaurant (couldn't be a KFC) and see who could keep them on the line the longest with the only thing we were allowed to say being "Bucket of chicken". I won with my call to the McDonalds at Meyer & Troost, but I don't remember how long I kept the conversation going. The girl on the other end was laughing her ass off once she realized what was going on.

+ author: ScooterJ
+ posted: February 6, 2006 10:52 AM

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