As I’ve said before, I’m a musical idiot – which means that I only know what I like and have complete disregard for who plays it or what band that guy that once played in that other band is in now. In any case, a while back I posted an entry on Fairtilizer, which is best described as a mix between Digg and MySpace. Anywho, the latest playlist on Fairtilizer (also embedded below) features musical nominations from the 2008 PLUG Awards.

The Fairtilizer blog has this to say about the PLUG Awards:
The PLUG Awards have become one of the most significant events for the independent music community, a well-organized effort which allows artists who live and flourish in the margins of mainstream culture to get the recognition they deserve.

How does it work? Very easy. Each fall, the PLUG Cartel (advisory board of 250-300 people who select the nominees) gathers, and after collecting/tallying the votes, the official nominees are announced in the form of an online ballot. Fans from around the world then logon to vote the winners who are announced at the PLUG Independent Music Awards Ceremony and Concert in March.

I’m sure a lot of you already know some, or most, of these bands – I just may know a song here and there. In any case, if you feel compelled, go to the PLUG Awards web site and vote for your favorite bands/songs. If anything, enjoy the music below. Oh, and I still have a few invites left at Fairtilizer if you want to see what the hype is all about.

+ original post date: November 20, 2007 10:52 AM
+ categories: Music, NaBloPoMo, Web Stuff


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