Family Reunion, of sorts...

Last night in Fayetteville, Arkansas, The Paper Hearts played their first show in over a year. In the past month they all reunited (except for Andrew, who's living in Seattle playing with Aqueduct) and recorded a new five song EP and are now going to play a few shows to promote the new cd. To order the new cd (Hard to Smile), or their full-length (Plans for the Past), just go to Heartshape Records.

The show was incredible! The crowd was very into all of the songs, singing the old ones and intently listening to the new ones. Aaron, Todd, Michelle, and Brian really picked up where they left off, all bringing in new influences from the past year. Damon Singleton took Andrew's place on drums and didn't miss a beat (lame joke).

The Paper Hearts will have a three-city tour in late April - check the dates at their web site. If you're anywhere close by, you should check it out as you may never have another chance again, and that would be a shame for you.

+ original post date: March 28, 2004 08:44 PM
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