Back to the Futurama?

The latest in the on-going saga of Futurama is a bit of good news from Billy West (the voice of Fry). In a post that he made on his message board, Billy said this about the show’s future:

I’m this close to selling my show – “Billy Bastard - Amateur Human Being,” And the other good news is that they’re doing 26 new episodes of “Futurama” for TV and we’re hammering out the deal now. The original plan was to have the DVD’s first but that’s no longer the case. I’m totaly jammed dude.

Greetings from the year 3000! It still sucks!


Talk about instantaneous excitement from me and about a million other nerds! But then, after a little investigation, the excitement died down a bit... again, from Billy West on his message board:

I’m getting different bits of info that say this news may not be the case. There IS something up Futurama project wise but but it might be the DVD’s still. It’s hard to keep up with things – but I’ll try to do better.


So the latest now is that there’s no new television episodes, but up to four, yes FOUR, full-length DVD movies. Keep up to date with all the latest Futurama news at Can’t Get Enough Futurama.

When it boils down to it, new Futuramas (television or not) = truly awesome news.

+ original post date: March 20, 2006 02:13 PM
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Have I ever told you that you remind me of my brother? I would post a link to his blog, but I just can't.

+ author: Jill
+ posted: March 20, 2006 10:24 PM

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