A Productive Saturday

Over the summer, my Saturdays have become very lazy and mopey. I usually lay around my place reading, catching up on tv or viewing films... oh, and there’s a healthy dose of being online in there, too. I don’t necessarily like not being active, but my Sundays usually make up for that with soccer and other exercising. Still, I should grasp a hold of nice days like this while I still can. Today wasn’t much different, but it was more productive than most of my recent Saturdays.

House Chores
I washed all my dirty clothes today, booyah. Next on the list, Target and grocery shopping – which I’ll do tomorrow, gotta wait for those Sunday coupons, ya know.

Shopped in the City Market
Kansas City’s River Market area really transforms into a different world on Saturdays and Sundays. There are so many people down here that I think you can barely find a parking spot at times. That’s great. Soon, more and more people will be down here more often. It’s really beginning to feel like a community and not just a pseudo-weekend destination. I checked out the new Chinatown Market finally, too. I didn’t see the milk and other commonly needed items in there like I’ve heard about – which furthers the need for someone to open a small grocery store in this area. Hell, I’d wager that a small Blockbuster would do some good business, as well. Hello, any entrepreneurs reading this lame blog?

Caught Up On DVR’d Shows
Entourage is a damn good show... love, love, love Jeremy Piven. The Comeback is finally grown on me and I hope it gets picked up for next year – a week doesn’t go by that I don’t cringe or yell at the television because of Valerie Cherish. And last, but not least, Battlestar Galactica. Just when I think the show is about to enter the cheese-zone or jump the shark, it reels me back in. I don’t want to think this show could be good and last, but it’s defying my odds.

Quick Movie Review: “The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Steve Carell’s first lead role in a film proved to be a good one. This was a damn funny movie, not funnier than “Anchorman” or “The Wedding Crashers,” but damn funny. I felt there were too many parts where the ad-libbing didn’t work out so well. If you’re easily offended by sexual jokes, don’t see this movie. If you aren’t, go get enlightened (or something). Side note: I think the scene where Carell is getting his chest hair waxed is all real. It’s almost like a Ferrel-Fallon SNL skit – Paul Rudd is cracking up and I don’t think he was supposed to be that much. Best scene of the movie.

Bought Stuff
A new historical book, “The Devil in the White City,” based on America’s first serial killer. And also bought me a Mt. Rushmore t-shirt from Urban Outfitters.

At My Last McDonald’s Meal, For a Long While
Yes... the evening was capped of with the meal and then a prompt viewing of “Super Size Me,” the documentary where Morgan Spurlock goes on a McDonald’s only diet for 30 days – three meals a day, every day. Blech. Get out and exercise people and stop blaming fast food places. I know they aren’t helping the situation much, but it’s really not their fault. You’re not regulated to eat their food, you have a choice.

So here’s to some of the last Saturdays of the summer. Boooooo.

+ original post date: August 27, 2005 11:02 PM
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At Chinatown the milk, pop, and eggs are in a narrow vertical glass-front cooler. If you head towards the back of the store with the registers on your right, it's on your right side just before you reach the produce setion.

Also a new meat market has opened in the City Market, next to Al-Habashi Mart. It has a lot of eclectic stuff such as rabbit and ducks but it also has the best steaks I've ever bought outside a restaurant, whole chickens, sausage, and eggs.

+ author: ScooterJ
+ posted: August 29, 2005 08:28 AM

Correction (I was there last night to get eggs): The eggs are in the refrigerator case directly across from the produce. Milk however is where I said it was, and butter is in there too.

+ author: ScooterJ
+ posted: August 30, 2005 09:32 AM

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