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Ever Think of This?

Things to ponder. + more

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Hairy Situation

Just how much cat hair can one cat shed in 9 months-ish? A lot. + more

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Oh Yeah, And That

A hodge-podge of things that might be fun for you to read. Key word: might + more

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Snakes On My Blog

var FO = { movie:"http://snakesonaplane.ign.com/bg/banner.swf?bannerID=1155839431986&size=s", width:"300", height:"250", majorversion:"8", build:"0", xi:"true", bgcolor:"#000000"};UFO.create(FO, "snakes"); Make your own Snakes on a Plane trailer!... + more

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All Hail Leviathan

“Lo let the night be solitary, let no joyful cry be heard in it. Let them curse it who curse the day who are ready to awake the Leviathan.” – Job 3:8 Two days ago, late-evening Friday, a fierce creature... + more

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