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Nerd Alert

I read and follow nerd blogs. So what of it? + more

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Sometimes Blogging Goes on Hold

Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy. + more

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I = Geek, Geek = Chic

It's okay to be a geek. Really. + more

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Me Vs. Ye?

With as much information as there is in this world, it's assured that people will disagree on some, if not many, things. Below are the things that I think are the clear winners, in my book, against others' views. College... + more

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So How Was It!?!

The very first Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) came out when I was the wee age of -2 months. I can't say that I really grew up in my early years being blasted with Star Wars stuff, but... + more

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That Wacky Vader!

Something you don't know: I love Star Wars. What? You DID know that? Crap. Hmmmm. Ah, yes, something you don't know: I wish I were a Star Wars character. You knew THAT, too? Shit. But did you know that I... + more

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Star Wars on DVD

A while back LucasFilm announced that they would finally be releasing the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD. Great news! The only bad thing? They're releasing the Special Editions, not the original cuts... this is NOT cool. So, go sign... + more

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So... I'm a geek.

Whether it's bidding on a showing of the original trilogy on reel-to-reel in my home, or buying the newest book from my favorite author, I'm not embarrassed to say that I'm a Star Wars geek. The myth of Star Wars... + more

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