Going Beyond Batman Begins

Heath Ledger as The JokerI remember thinking, “this is one of the best comic book adaptations ever,” when the credits were rolling for “Batman Begins.” I was even more excited about “The Dark Knight” coming out next summer when trailers started appearing for it. The cool thing is that the marketing team didn’t stop there. In fact, they’ve been quite busy.

I Believe in Harvey Dent
The first effort was a simple vanity URL – – that was just a political poster for the soon-to-be villain/anti-hero Two-Face. But right on the heels of that site came, which featured an email sign-up form. The cool part was that every time someone signed up to receive news, one pixel was removed from the bigger photo to reveal the first public photo of the Joker. Now when you go to the site, it says, “Page not found.” Instead, just hit cntl-a (to select all the text). Coolness.

Why So Serious?
The second effort was, which was an encrypted message that invited users to upload photos from around the US to reveal clues. Don’t bother trying to play it, because it has been solved already and it again revealed another official photo from the upcoming movie. Instead, read all about it at As a follow up, users were invited to send in photos of themselves dressed up as The Joker at Rory’s Death Kiss.

The Gotham Times
For us at home, we’ve now been invited to read headline news at Here are some of the articles you can read:

If that’s not cool enough, then they went on and made The Ha Ha Ha Times, as well.

But Wait... There’s MORE!
I won’t even go into all of them, but here are SIX more sites just for the next Batman movie:

Someone’s real busy turning up the hype machine... and we all thought the Lost people were cool.

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I am damn excited to see this movie, regardless of the marketing. But the fact that their efforts are so unique, well thought-out and far in advance of the release date makes me want to see it even more.

+ author: Kyle Rohde
+ posted: November 26, 2007 11:32 AM

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