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I so can’t wait for December 21! Yeah, it’s close to Christmas, but that’s not why. Sure it’ll be the day after we find out who won our bowling league, but that’s not why either. Of course Arkansas will be playing a tough game at Texas Tech, but that’s not why I’ll be excited.

If you’re counting down the days like I am, December 21 will be one of the few days in entertainment history that you can spend less than $20 and see two, count ’em, two family comedies that star, on average, 19 kids!

Holy crap, Seth!!!

I know!!!

And you can see both movies in a theater!!! BACK-TO-BACK, EVEN!!!

Talk about heaven!!! And an excuse to use five sets of three exclamation marks!

Not only are both movies remakes of older, dare I say, classics... but both will grace the screen in time for my Christmas vacation. I just can’t decide which to see first...

Yours, Mine and Ours is about two widows that get married and combine their two hellaciously big families. It stars Dennis Quid and Rene Russo and also has Jerry O’Connell and two sets of twins.

Cheaper By The Dozen 2,” the sequel to the ever-popular “Cheaper By The Dozen,” finds the Baker family on vacation and in the middle of a competition with a rival family with eight children. It stars Steve Martin and Bonnie hunt and also stars Piper Perabo, Hilary Duff, Tom Welling, and also sports two sets of twins. Bonus... there’s even an appearance by Carmen Electra!

As you can see, I’m torn. But I do know one thing, after I see these two gems, I’ll totally wish I was Catholic and/or lived on a farm.

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