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alli - The Easy Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss the real man's way. No. Not really. + more

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When “Just Making Sure” is Too Much

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? In December of 2003, I had a gallstone attack. Worst pain in my life. So bad, I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy (winks at Scoot). At the time of... + more

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I Wasn't Even Finniched

This weekend I had the chance to enjoy a meal from Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits. Before the meal, I was excited – I just LOVE Popeye's spicy chicken, red beans & rice and their biscuits... man, oh man. Unfortunately, after... + more

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While reminiscing about not having a gallbladder anymore, the best idea (in a loooooong time – two days) came to my head. There has to be a way that I can pay homage to my body and the millions of... + more

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A swift kick to the galls

For those of you following my holiday-gallbladder story, here's the latest... It's been almost two weeks since surgery and I'm feeling great. I'll have four visible scars on my stomach, the worst being inside, and under, my bellybutton. I imagine... + more

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Back in the saddle...er, bed.

Welp, I'm back home. Doing...well, not a damn thing. Just laying around, reading e-mails, surfin' the net, watching movies, popping pain pills and sleeping. What every healthy gallbladder-less person should do. It feels like I've done over 10,000 sit ups... + more

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Updated News...

As if it could be cut and dry! On Tuesday I had more blood tests ran in preparation for my appointment with the surgeon. After speaking with the surgeon, I inquired about the test results because I was concerned about... + more

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Good News! Oh, and Bad News!

The day after Christmas, I received a phone call from my Realtor. She told me that an offer had been made on our house. It wasn't an official offer, but the buyers were serious. So, after two hours on the... + more

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