Back in the saddle...er, bed.

Welp, I'm back home. Doing...well, not a damn thing. Just laying around, reading e-mails, surfin' the net, watching movies, popping pain pills and sleeping. What every healthy gallbladder-less person should do. It feels like I've done over 10,000 sit ups for the first time. The surgeon made 5 incisions: one under my bellybutton (or in it, it hurts the worst), then one under my diaphram (right under the sternum), then three down the right side of my rib cage. One is very tiny and didn't require the new type of stitches (called 'splits'?).

Not sure when I'll head back to work. Very sore and sleepy an awful lot. I'll keep this updated, and stuff.

+ original post date: January 7, 2004 07:28 AM
+ categories: I Have No Gallbladder


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