Cards make me happy.

This past weekend me and Ash took a little overnight trip to the (very) small and (pretty) quaint town of Rocheport, Missouri. And when I say (very) small, I mean (VERY) small. Like, to the tune of 208 people, small. It's a town that sits below the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River and is a popular stop on the Katy Trail (who wants to ride it with me?).

Authors_thumb.jpgRocheport is also home to the Les Bourgeois winery and a select few antique stores (all specializing in something different).

Now, I'm not an "antiquer" by any means, and usually the thought of going "antiquing" is off-putting and perhaps 25% nauseating. (Like when you eat too much cheeseburger and fries and hours later you burp and you're pretty sure a piece of fry came up and now your throat burns – that's 25% nauseating.) But when you're in a town that has, literally, less things to do than fingers on your hands (granted you have a full set of fingers), you make concessions.

I'm glad I did, for we un-covered a wealth treasure trove lotta few choice items during our hunt.

I already talked about one item that we found, Danza!, the biography of Tony Danza, but we also found a few more things. Like a really cute baby dress-thing for the lovely and pregnant Sarah Fortune Gill, and some really not cute burned baby dolls (Part I and Part II) for my friend Todd.

TravelCards_thumb.jpgBut I also found some things that make the creative/designer side of me happy.

Author Cards
At the antique store that specializes in pre-Civil War items, I found a stack of cards for the game of "Authors." This is a Go Fish! type game where you match four cards together to create a set. The person with the most sets at the end of the game, wins. I just loved the illustration style on the cards, and even though I'm missing a few in the set, I think my favorite author is Oliver Wendell Holmes (hey holmes, are you an ironside or a nautilus?).

Rocky Mountain Cards
These little guys aren't quite postcard-size, but I believe that they were a set of cards that were sent IN a postcard-sized packet. They're illustrated photos of different Rocky Mountain areas of interest – Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Echo Lake, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain, etc – all places I want to visit now. The style is very 50s, but their simplistic nature is appealing.

I don't think I'm in any danger of turning into an antiquer, but it's little things like these that put a smile on my face. And then everyone got sick with food poisoning.

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