Fun With Bananas

I like bananas. A lot. I'll try to eat one every day. And I want a tattoo of a bushel on my arm (see #30). I like them that much. But I draw the line at only eating one a day. So I guess that I don't like them THAT much.

Bananas are a super versatile fruit, too, if you didn't know. Not only are they really good for you, but they're also wonderful for jokes. Here are a handful of banana hijinks to try out in your office setting:

  1. Pocket Time – Take a banana (I'd highly recommend a fake one) and put it into one of your pant pockets. Then go hug someone. The key is to press that pocket into the person's thigh as you're hugging. Yes, you might get weird looks, but it's all worth it when/if they ask, "is that a banana in your pocket?" Even if they don't ask, it's okay, you can prompt the joke yourself and it's still 100% funny.
  2. Client Meeting #1 – Nothing disrupts the flow of any meeting like a basket full of chocolate-dipped bananas. Seriously. Imagine if everyone around a table were eating them and talking business.
  3. Client Meeting #2 – Randomly ask in the middle of a meeting if anyone minds that you eat a banana. Pull a real banana out of your pocket and take a bite. Then, go on-and-on about how good the banana is. This next part is key – you need someone you know well to be sitting next to you. After raving about the banana, ask if anyone wants a bite. Your friend will say yes. DO NOT HAND THEM THE BANANA. Instead, lean over and feed it to them. Awkward silence It's bonus funny if your friend says, "eh, it's not that great.".
  4. Don't Slip! – Peel a banana from the bottom instead of the top. After eating the banana, place the banana peel on the floor like they do in the movies. Then, fashion a sign on notebook paper that says, "CAUTION: Slippery Banana Zone Ahead." Hide behind a wall close-by to see if anyone doesn't know how to read.
  5. Phone Calls – When your desk phone rings, use your banana as if it's the phone. Say "hello" a few times and then say, "I don't understand what you're saying." For good measure, bang the banana on your desk and throw it away while saying, "this damn thing doesn't work."

If you have any other great banana pranks to pass along, please let me know!

This highly idiotic blog post was brought to you from the juvenille mind of Seth Gunderson.

+ original post date: June 14, 2011 07:11 AM
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