Nitpitnicky 126 (aka 315 Things About Seth)

Well hello there. It's been nearly a year since I've posted to my weblog. For shame, right? Starting today, I'm going to try and start filling up kilobytes of data on the internet with my idiocy. And for the milestone that is post #600 (hint, it's this one), I thought that I should drag up some good old posts about myself and then continue on with that idea.

A few years ago I wrote up three posts that each featured 63 things about myself. And while some of them may have changed since I wrote them (see below), it's an extremely hard exercise to complete, but it's very gratifying when you're finished. Here they are:

And now, I present to you Nitpitnicky 126

  1. I wish I could grow a legit mustache that's not creepy.
  2. Seaweed is weird and gross.
  3. I hate driving.
  4. I really like to hike, but have gone on two in past two years.
  5. I'm addicted to a local nursery, yet my yard doesn't change that much.
  6. I love a Texan accent, even if it sounds a bit fake.
  7. I will not eat the small octopi calamri, due to my rule of "no tentacles allowed in my mouth."
  8. When people quit at the place I work, I take it personally.
  9. I need to remember that the world does not revolve around me.
  10. I want to see a real-life tornado, albeit from a very safe distance.
  11. If you want me to pose for a picture, just ask.
  12. I would love to write for a wrestling television show.
  13. My biggest concern if the apocalypse ever occurs: that my only skill would be to create un-needed advertising.
  14. I love to try on other people's glasses and do horrible impressions of them.
  15. Small talk is one of the worst things. Evar.
  16. I really dislike sitting next to strangers on planes. (Yes, that may mean you.)
  17. If I ever offer you the window or aisle seat, you can really take whichever one you want.
  18. But I'd prefer the window seat.
  19. If you want to annoy me, take the seat I paid for and tell me to just sit one over.
  20. There isn't a well-timed Pratt fall or a simple trip that I wouldn't laugh at.
  21. Much to my chagrin, I cannot make myself vomit.
  22. I wish I could rap on command.
  23. I am allergic to horses.
  24. I have to interact with almost any child who catches my attention.
  25. I want to have my own children some day.
  26. I like to sing karaoke, but am embarrassed to do it.
  27. I sing all the time at home. And dance.
  28. I don't do things I'm bad at. Like golfing.
  29. I need to make more time to do creative things outside of work.
  30. One day I want a tattoo of a bushel of bananas on my right bicep.
  31. I try to pop every finger on my hands, on average, about 20 times a day.
  32. I take notice of other people's yards and try to solve their grass issues for them in my head.
  33. I loathe "America's Next Top Model," but am well aware that a lot of the stuff I dislike about their business is relatable to my own profession.
  34. There is nothing better than a well-written tragic ending.
  35. I watch the same movies every thanksgiving (I highly recommend "The Myth of Fingerprints" and "Home for the Holidays.")
  36. I've had a sandwich named after me at a Subway in Fayetteville.
  37. I love pushing on a bruise to make sure it's still there.
  38. Sometimes I need to just stay at home over a weekend to work in the yard.
  39. I dislike having 3+ weekends out of town in a row.
  40. I always try to do something touristy when traveling on business.
  41. I want you to go watch "Super Troopers" so we could quote it together.
  42. When I see someone crying, I want to as well.
  43. I would die happy if I never heard anyone yell ever again.
  44. I don't like it when people CC me on emails to people I don't know.
  45. You should probably tell me who else is invited to a party, because I'll inevitably talk about it with the wrong person.
  46. My favorite book is a Star Wars novel (it's called Traitor).
  47. Doctor Who has made me really appreciate the human race.
  48. I like telling my food, "take that," when I take a bite.
  49. I have a dance made up for each of my cats.
  50. Music in the morning is bliss.
  51. I like getting to the office early when no one else is around, but it never happens.
  52. I will wake up from the deepest slumber if a dog is barking in a 5 mile radius.
  53. I can tell when someone is hurting.
  54. I miss a different friend every day.
  55. My work bubble is pretty much my life.
  56. I don't talk to my friends often enough.
  57. I've never experienced love at first sight. It usually takes a few hours.
  58. I believe kindred spirits are possible.
  59. I contradict myself often.
  60. I will use bar soap if it's the only option.
  61. I have a drying routine when getting out of shower and will not feel dry unless the routine is followed exactly.
  62. Six swipes, give or take a few, is the right amount of deodorant.
  63. I like feeling cold water making its way down into my stomach.
  64. I love hot sauce.
  65. Physical labor is something I enjoy doing.
  66. I will jump on sidewalk grate to see if it's sturdy.
  67. I'm passively working on building a collection of photos with me holding different animals on my lap.
  68. One of my favorite smells is a freshly lit cigarette.
  69. Other good smells -- a new vinyl shower curtain, a just-shot cap gun, vanilla.
  70. Mile High Club? Really? Grow up.
  71. I've shot and killed an animal. I didn't like the feeling.
  72. History is my favorite subject, ever.
  73. I'm in near-constant fear that I'm about to run out of money.
  74. I believe in the existence of alien life somewhere in the universe.
  75. I want to brave the jungles of the Amazon forest before it's gone.
  76. I think pay walls on websites aren't practical. But know they're basically the same as, say, a newspaper subscription.
  77. I contradict myself often.
  78. I repeat myself sometimes.
  79. Hawaii is a place I really want to travel to.
  80. A trip to the Egyptian pyramids would be fantastic.
  81. "Arrested Development" is my favorite comedy ever.
  82. Comedy without cussing intelligent.
  83. I think there is too much cussing in the world.
  84. I cuss daily.
  85. It saddens me when smart television is cancelled.
  86. My superpower is to notice when things aren't aligned or centered.
  87. I hate voicemail.
  88. And fax machines.
  89. One day I'll really re-do my staircase at home.
  90. Baseball is a boring sport to watch on tv.
  91. My favorite color is lime green.
  92. I look sickly if I wear lime green.
  93. I wish I still had freckles.
  94. I love lowering a basketball goal to 8' 6" and slam dunking on it.
  95. I know when I should stop eating, but rarely ever do.
  96. I say "please" and "thank you" and wish others did more often.
  97. I like your eyes.
  98. If you ever want a hug, I'm game.
  99. Even one minute with my favorite people is better than none at all.
  100. Spelunking scares the life out of me.
  101. When I get run down, my skin turns yellow-ish.
  102. My feet are very flat.
  103. I tolerate corn now.
  104. I have the worst record in coin flips.
  105. Blueberries taste like dirt.
  106. Renaissance Festivals are disgusting.
  107. I love a good movie trailer or opening credits to a movie or tv show.
  108. I smack/pop my gum.
  109. I need to trust my first impression about others more often.
  110. I get home sick.
  111. I'll apologize in advance for my direct questions that may make you uncomfortable.
  112. If you want to know something about me, ask.
  113. I'll be honest with you, always.
  114. Flip flops are my favorite shoe-type.
  115. I'd rather go barefoot. (Unless there are rocks present.)
  116. I'm horrible at naps.
  117. Sometimes when in an airplane, I'll forget where I'm at and when I look out the window, I think I've been catapulted somewhere and will die soon.
  118. Andy Kaufman is one of the best comedians ever.
  119. I often wonder why George Clooney and Helen Hunt only play themselves in movies/tv shows.
  120. My left thumb is double-jointed. It's the only double-jointed thing I have.
  121. Almost anything chocolate is superior to candy.
  122. I usually leave my bags packed for at least two days after arriving home.
  123. I take pride in making my lawn look good. (Right now, it's hideous.)
  124. I should brush my teeth more often.
  125. I should really floss my teeth more often.
  126. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this.

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Loved it! I learned some new things about you. And I agree with a lot of what you say. About me, that is. And you.

+ author: Bev Weidner
+ posted: June 5, 2011 03:00 PM

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