Sick on The VDay

I hate being sick. I hate being sick and missing work. I hate being sick, missing work and missing out on Valentine's Day. So today, since I was sick with acute bronchitis, I was made to stay home and nurse myself back to health.

Back in the day, staying home was horrible. You see, my family didn't have cable, we had antenna – which only gave us CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS. If you think I hate staying home now, imagine being a kid and staying home with those four channels. Watching tv during the day gave you a healthy dose of Good Morning America, Today, soap operas, and countless educational shows on PBS (of which, me and my loyal readers have finally concluded that the fabled "gooseneck secret" was from a show called "Kellie" and only aired in Arkansas).

Honestly, being home sick these days isn't that much better than when I was growing up. I've got over 70 channels to watch and there's hardly anything interesting to watch during the day. It reminds me of a stat I read that says 10 years ago, consumers had on average 24 channels to choose from and only frequented 10. The numbers today? We now have more than 80 to choose from and only frequent around 15. Choices go up, capacity to care doesn't increase to match.

While the full day wasn't so great, I did manage to catch an episode of Scrubs, X-Files and watched the new Indiana Jones teaser trailer. Good stuff.

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On three separate occasions when I was a kid and stayed home sick, a huge newsworthy event took place and ruined TV for me (because kids are all about ME! ME! ME!). I don't remember the exact order, but the events were the assassination attempts on Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II respectively, and the fire at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. It started to make me a little superstitious about getting sick.

+ author: Average Jane
+ posted: February 15, 2008 09:35 AM

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