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“We see bad movies so that we can truly appreciate the good ones.”

License to WedTwo weeks ago we had to endure the painful (and expensive) Evan Almighty for Bad Movie Night. It must have been fate to treat us bad movie watchers with more stars of The Office for a second consecutive week. This past week's movie was a co-starring vehicle for John Krasinski (aka, Jim Halpert) and Mandy Moore.

Unfortunately, for all us filmgoers, those two apparently not strong enough to open a movie, so Robin Williams was cast as the antagonist.

Currently, “License to Wed” is rated at 8% rotten on RottenTomatoes.com. Seeing ratings like that doesn't bode well for the movie, but that's exactly what we're looking for in a bad movie.

The movie started off great with Christine Taylor being drunk at a party and saying some pretty funny things. By the time Robin Williams strolled into the movie, we all let out a big sigh. We knew the movie was going to tank at that moment.

And wouldn't you know it, not long after Williams showed up, so did the harbinger of bad movies – Wanda Sykes – who's not even credited with being in the movie.

Surprisingly, I don't think the movie was all that bad. Krasinski had some great Carell-esque moments and for the most part, it wasn't an annoying flick.

So why did it get an 8% at RT? My guess is that the movie couldn't figure out what it wanted to be. Was it a rip-off of “Meet the Parents” or “Just Married”? Was it a romance movie or a comedy? Was the star Robin Williams, John Krasinski or the other three co-stars from The Office?

Ultimately, the movie was way too formulaic. Kids are in love. They want to get married. They set the date. There are complications. The wedding is called off. They both realize they're idiots. They get married.

If you've seen the trailers, they actually do a disservice to the film. It's a great case of taking the wrong moments from a movie and placing them into the single-most influential selling piece for films. It makes me wonder if the critics really watched the film or just the trailers.

Did it deserve an 8%? No. But I wouldn't rate it above a 35%.

+ original post date: July 17, 2007 02:43 PM
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Oh Seth, I have to say I am disappointed. Mainly because a) this flick sucked... BAD and b) rottentomatoes is NEVER wrong my friend. Was it wrong about Alexander? I think not. Was it wrong about The Cleaner? Not a chance. Was it wrong about Zoom!? Oh man, no way. So do not doubt the power of rottentomatoes.com.

I have also found that if you shake your laptop while on rottentomatoes.com, it will make predictions and tell fortunes. For example: "Rottentomatoes.com (yes, you must address it by full name) will I hook up with the hot woman of my dreams?". No response, but I can tell you my friend that the woman of my dreams has yet to show.

+ author: The Dude
+ posted: July 18, 2007 01:18 AM

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