Snoreboardin’ My Life Away

snowboarding.jpgOh boy... it’s “that” time again! In two days, I head to the annual dudes-only snoreboard trip! In the past three years, we’ve hit Colorado pretty hard – Breckenridge, Copper Mountain and Winter Park. The dream has always been to head back to the place where Todd first started... Park City, Utah – more specifically, The Canyons. This is the year, my friends.... this is the year. Luckily for us, we’re not driving this year. We’re flying. How enjoyable will that be? Answer: very.

Leading up to each year’s trip, we usually buy new things. Whether it was a jacket or boots, something new was purchased – either before, or during, the trip. This year has been no different, except for the fact that we now have new tools at our disposal for buying such items... and planning such trips.

The first is an incredible site called SteepAndCheap.com. Think W00T for outdoor-winter enthusiasts. You can find snowboards, skis, jackets, socks, toques, hydration systems, carabiners, etc... all for extremely low prices. Bruno and I scored some nice goggles for $12.50 a piece one day (they retailed at $80). Keep an eye on the stuff there, they sell out pretty quick.

The next service (one that we didn’t get to use, unfortunately) is a new site called Liftopia. As Webware.com put it, “think Expedia, but for lift tickets.” Yes, if you can find the mountain that you want to go to on this list, give it a shot... you might find you some cheap tix.

Then, by far the coolest thing I’ve seen since Google Earth, in terms of 3D rendering-ness, is Ski.com’s new 3D maps of resorts. Check out the one for The Canyons, this is where we’ll be from Monday through Thursday.

I’m not making any promises, but there may be something worth checking out eventually on some of The Canyon’s web cams.

Anyway, it should be a fun trip. I’ll have more to report when I’m back.

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