Bearstate Supply and Tontitown


If I've said it .25 times, I've said it at least 100-ish times, I love my friends. It's easy to be proud of them when they create a viable alternative news source for Fayetteville, Arkansas and the surrounding area. And it's even easier when they create a t-shirt company that celebrates all of Arkansas' uniqueness.

When I saw how fast Bearstate Supply got up and running, I was stunned. When they kept adding new t-shirt design after design to the site, I was jealous.

The other day I texted Todd and said, "I've got dibs on a Tontitown t-shirt."

And for once in my design-oriented world, I followed up on a promise.

You can now buy a Tontitown tee from Bearstate Supply. If you're unaware about Tontitown, Arkansas, it has some of the most amazing italian food in Northwest Arkansas and also is home to the annual Grape Festival.

So, yes, Tontitown truly does taste grape.

+ original post date: September 14, 2011 07:00 AM
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