My 5 Favorite Sights

This is the second in a series of 5 blog posts that talk about my favorite things in regards to my senses. Yeah, it's a bit dorky, but just go with it.

eyes.jpg"You see with your eyes, not your hands, fool!" I'm pretty sure that Mr. T* said that, but I can't find it after looking for 12 seconds on Google (yes, other people have said similar things, but he added the "fool" part – which was realistically more like "foo", but that's splitting hairs). And if you couldn't decipher (with your eyes + brain) from this blog post's title what the subject matter was, then I feel sorry for you and your tutor let me give you a hint: it's about my favorite things to see.

Like I mentioned before, I'm not going to rank these in any particular order. So get off my back about it, already. There are so many more important things than ranking systems – like world hunger or the latest production photo from The Hunger Games (this one is of Gale, they nailed it).

Or even the most important thing at this moment: my 5 favorite things to look at.

5. Stars in a Rural Sky
I love the night sky. Looking up at the stars and constellations is so calming. To think that there's other life out there doing the same thing is something I enjoy doing. To think that there's other life out there flying their giant spaceships toward us with the hopes of destroying us, but can't because they're either highly susceptible to the common cold or are allergic to water, is humorous. Either way, seeing stars in a rural setting is amazing because it's like you can reach out and touch them.

4. Soccer Goal
Yeah, yeah, it's pseudo-ironic because there's not a whole lot of scoring in soccer, so shouldn't any goal be incredible? Well, you can almost answer yes to that. I love soccer. I love to play it. I love to watch it. And there's nothing better than watching the chess match unfold before your eyes and a well-struck ball making its way into the net. If I were a soccer pro, I'd definitely come up with an awesome scoring dance for every time I scored. And said dance would probably be set to the tune of Nelly's Batter Up. Don't ask why.

3. Sunsets
Before you get to the stars, you have to see the sunset. And hardly anything beats a nice sunset. Unless you're driving due West when the sun is setting. There's really no relief in that instance. You can even try the sunglasses + sun visor + hand over head combo, and nothing is going to help. That's why I just close my eyes in those times and try to let my Jedi abilities guide me to safety (just kidding, I don't really have The Force). To sum it up, sunsets = awesome. Throw a sunset on top of a mountain and lake = the bestest.

2. Mountains
Speaking of mountains, let's talk about mountains. To me, there's nothing quite like waking up in a mountainous region, stepping outside and taking the view in. It's glorious. It's monstrous. It's humbling. It's a freaking mountain, man! (That last sentence sounds much funnier without a comma in it, give it a shot.) Every time I've been to Colorado lately and head back to KC, I lose a part of me. Sad face. But, mountains are the bomb and they make me smile. Happy face.

1. Firefiles
Summer is so nice. And while I love the mountains, there's one thing I've heard that you don't get in those regions, and that's fireflies (aka, lightning bugs). I think these things are some of the coolest insects ever. They create light! It's tough, I've tried. It may seem like they're just randomly lighting up, but apparently there's a rhyme and reason. In fact, in some areas, fireflies have been known to synchronize their illumination. I think it's cool to see random lights here and there. Imagine seeing a whole field light up at once. Magically delicious, eh? There are some cool images on Google Image Search for fireflies and then there's this sweet ">time-lapse fireflies wallpaper I found on National Geographic, if you want it.

There you have it, my favorite things to see. What do you like to see with your eyes? Please, not everyone at once – don't overwhelm my servers.

* I find it weird that while I know who Mr. T is, the older I get, the more he becomes Mike Tyson in my head. Yes, they're different people (one was a boxer and one played a boxer in Rocky III), but still, aren't they both certifiably nutso?

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