My 5 Favorite Smells

This is the first in a series of 5 blog posts that talk about my favorite things in regards to my senses. Yeah, it's a bit dorky, but just go with it.

Nose.jpg"What's that smell ya'll smell?" That's a quote from a great story that I'm not going to tell you. Too bad, life sucks. But it does set up the first entry about my favorite things in regards to my senses. Today is all about smells, odors, aromas, and other smell-related nouns.

The sense of smell is amazing, especially the more I learn about how we decipher odors with our nose. It's way to complex to go into here and is probably a bit dry. So I won't bore you with that.

What I WILL bore you with, however, is a list of my 5 Favorite Smells, in no particular order (but I'll number them just so you'll believe me that there are, in fact, five of them – and I know what you're going to think, that #1 is going to be more important than #5, and that's okay, even though you're wrong – remember I told you that they're not ranked not 51 words ago – yes, I counted).

5. Gun Shots from Cap Guns
There's something about "shooting" a cap gun that's fun. And THEN you get the added benefit of the odor. Maybe I really just like the smell of gunpowder. Either way, I'd much rather "shoot" a cap gun than a real gun. Unless, of course, I was competing in an Olympic Biathlon (which, I bet I'd be REEEEEEALLY good at).

4. Honeysuckle
This is the smell of spring and summer, to me. Yes, I know that I'm pretty scared of bees (thanks for the ironic concern), but I sometimes want to dive head-first into a giant bushel of honeysuckle. I finally found some at Soil Service last year and planted it in my back yard – knowing full well that it would probably die. But, it didn't! Next year I bet it goes CRAZY with wonderful smells.

3. Vanilla
If you ever are wondering what gift you should get me for whatever occasion, go with a vanilla-scented candle. It's such an awesome smell. It makes me want to bake something (with vanilla in it), or drink a coca-cola (with vanilla in it), or pour that scented stick liquid all over my face (the kind with vanilla in it). Heck, I'd even eat vanilla wafers or vanilla yogurt (unless it's Greek).

2. A Freshly Lit Cigarette
In general, smoking = barf-o-rama. In my nose, the first scent that comes out of a freshly lit cigarette is a-mazing. Surely it's not all of the crazy chemicals/substances that are put into cigarettes, right? Naaaaah. Regardless, it smells good. And causes cancer. It's the worst kind of win-lose.

1. Hot Wing Sauce
Hands down, the best smell ever is hot wing sauce. (PSYCHE!!! I TOLD YOU THAT THESE WEREN'T RANKED!) Is it the vinegar? Is it the hot sauce? Is it the wings that I'm about to put in my mouth and belly? Who knows? Who cares! Smell it 5 times with deep inhalations. 100% chance your mouth just watered.

Those are my top 5. Now I'm going to do what every good blogger should do and ask what are YOUR favorite smells? Go ahead, fill out a comment below. It's easy. And fun! Google thanks you for helping them fill out your personality profile.*

* Google did not ask me to say that. Nor are they compensating me for saying that. In fact, it's probably not even true. But it really could be. And if it is, don't you really want to know what else Google knows about you? Yeah, meeeee too.

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That's a good opening sentence, sir.

+ author: Katie M
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