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WeirdMidgetChild.jpgI enjoy traveling. I think it's fun. Traveling to new places is great. Old places? Well, it's great, too, but for entirely different reasons. I love seeing new places, new towns, new countries. Now, I haven't done a bunch of seeing new countries, but I hope to change that in the future. But to me, hopping on a plane is an amazing thing. (Side note: NO, I will NOT stand up as soon as a plane reaches the gate and I'm a big stickler on airplane rules – let's turn off the cell phones people, it's a federal rule.)

I'm usually an excited traveler. I cannot wait to get wherever I'm going. When I get on the plane, I'm ready to pull out the crosswords puzzle, put on my headphones, ignore whoever is next to me (99.9% of the time) and zone out until we land.

Even so, there's something that I will do every time I get on the plane – and that is to follow along with the safety instruction card found in the back pocket of the seat in front of you.

Gang, it's important to know the safety procedures. I don't care if you travel on planes 364 days of the year. I don't care if you designed the plane that you're flying on. I don't care if you're about to crap your pants because you just had Taco Bell and are saying to yourself that it was a "dumb, dumb decision," (because, yes, it really was a stupid idea – you brought that on yourself, holmes).

I think it's important for us all to be aware of our surroundings and especially aware of proper procedures when an accident occurs. The last thing we need is for people to freak out if something goes wrong with a plane. Granted, I DO know that people will freak out because SOMETHING JUST WENT WRONG WITH A PLANE, but some of us could be calm, don't you think?

Because some situations/explanations are extremely difficult to show (since the plane is currently okay), there are companies like Aero Safety Graphics Inc., that will assist us with their beautiful, politically correct, no-need-for-captions-whatsoever illustrations.

Yes, that is their website and it has been that way since at least December of 2000. And why shouldn't it be?

  1. They have a flying pencil for a logo!
  2. Nowhere under "Ordering and Pricing" can you find any pricing!
  3. The "Examples" page only shows the covers (aka the boring page) of the safety cards!
  4. There are several recommendations from people with no companies listed on the "Recommen-dations" page!
  5. In the unlikely event of a water landing, they even give you six easy steps on how to get a baby safe for floating in water!

Their job isn't an easy one. So pay them a little respect, take the five minutes and follow along with the flight attendants as they prepare you for emergencies on your flight.

+ original post date: July 15, 2011 07:35 AM
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