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SethsToes.jpg The other night, while at a client dinner, it was mentioned that some of the girls were going to get pedicures the next day after some all-day meetings at the office. Someone in the group joked that I should go along. So I said I would. They laughed.

But I was serious.

I've seen "What Women Want" with Mel Gibson and (the non-acting) Helen Hunt, and that dude was totally into getting a pedicure. Plus he worked in advertising. So it seemed like a natural fit. Plus, I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

The ladies asked again the next morning if I was going. And when I said yes they were all excited. Perhaps surprised, but still excited.

So, after our meetings, we headed to Polished Nail Salon & Spa in downtown Kansas City.

The moment we walked in, I smelled fingernail polish remover. That's when I knew we were in the right place. Instantly, the ladies went over to the nail polish wall to pick out a color. I decided against going with a color. I figured a nice clear coat, if anything, would suffice.

After a few minutes of waiting, we were ready for our pedicures.

We each had our own comfy seat and foot bath. I was given the Milk & Honey scented stuff (probably because they know I'm all about the honey bees).

After having my feet soak for a while and getting goosed by the massage chairs (I quickly figured out how to remedy that situation), it was time for the clipping. Then the filing. Then the leg scrubbing. Then the moisturizing. Then the saran wrapping. Then the...wait...SARAN WRAPPING? Yes, it's true. They saran wrap your legs. Something about keeping the moisture in.


Then they rinse it off. Then they do something (can't remember). Then you get your feet dipped in paraffin wax. And if you sweet talk the lady who works there, you can dip your right hand in it for free! Then they saran wrap your feet again! Yes, they really go through some saran wrap.

Then they dry you off and it's time for the three-layers of clear coat. Which, looks fairly clear inside and kinda pink outside.

But don't fool yourselves, because pedicures are nice. Sure we got the good package, but it's a very pampered deal. And having some champagne to drink whilst relaxing doesn't hurt.

I doubt this will be a recurring thing for me to do, but I could definitely see myself doing it again. If only to feel like I'm in "Sex in the City."

And if you wanted to see them, here's the full set of photos.

+ original post date: June 24, 2011 07:26 AM
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Well done sir - ain't nothing wrong with that!

+ author: Kyle Rohde
+ posted: June 24, 2011 08:05 AM

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