Rando Photo: The Nikki Jessica Action Figure


One of the things I love to do while visiting in Hutchinson, Kansas (where Ashlee is from), is head over to Hasting's to check out all of the action figures they have. I've never purchased any of them, but my inner-geek really shines through when I wander the aisle for half an hour.

I stumbled across this "action figure" and just had to take a photo of it. For those of you out there that watch Heroes, I'm sure you know who this is -- Nikki, err, Jessica. Nearly everyone on the show in the first season had a power. Some could fly, some could teleport and some could create fire. The powers were vast and usually cool. And then Nikki, err, Jessica came along, whose power was ... wait for it ... a split personality. That's right, she had multiple personality syndrome and would change into a sexier, more evil, version of herself.

That's why her action figure comes with a mirror, a handgun and an alternate Nikki head. Cool eh? No. Not at all.

+ original post date: February 16, 2009 08:00 AM
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