Rando Photo: Missing One Coat Wearer


So there we were, just walking down the sidewalk one evening when BAM!!!! I wake up the next day, unable to move. I knew I was outside, and all I could see is dirt on the ground. I'm pretty sure it was cold outside and that the wind was blowing. Wait, was it blowing?

Yup. The wind was definitely blowing because one second I was trying to count the number of rocks in the dirt, and the next, I was on my back looking up at the sky. I still couldn't move.

Day turned into night. And night into day.

That next day, someone picked me up and put me on a stack of white bags. Before too long, another man picked me up, threw me on the ground, and then TOOK the white bags I was laying on. The rest of the day I spent laying on the ground, looking straight up.

This morning, some dude with an iPhone took a picture of me. And here I sit. Next to the curb of a street, I think, just waiting for my original wearer to come pick me back up. Dude's gotta be cold.

+ original post date: February 19, 2009 09:10 PM
+ categories: Dwellings, WTF


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