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The Manless Gas StationI hate going into gas stations. I find it very annoying. That's why I find that one of the best things about Credit/Debit cards is that you can pay for gas without ever going inside a gas station (though you have to be careful of skimmers). It's seriously one of the best uses, ever.

Even better is when gas stations realize that they don't need to hire anyone to stand behind a counter. Especially when there's no counter present. That's exactly what the-now Phillips 66 has set up in Kansas City at the corner of West Pennway and Pennsylvania.

It's really cool. You drive up. Put your card in. Get your gas. Take your receipt and go. No pre-paying. No having to lock your car while you're inside and in line. None of that. Just gas and go, every time.

Except the last time I went there. I got gas and paid for it like normal, except this time I was left standing at the pump waiting for my receipt (because I'm anal and like to track my purchases BEFORE the bank gets around to it several business days later). And then it happened, the monitor at the pump told me this:

See cashier for receipt.

See cashier for receipt? WHAT F'ING CASHIER!?! YOU'RE the damned cashier. Look around, computer, there's NO ONE else here. Just me, you and the gas. Well, maybe that bum that keeps needing a quarter for the bus (he's going on 5 years without having a bus ride somewhere). But jeez, if you're setting up a gas station with no bricks and morter, then maaaaaaybe you should program the pump to NOT be stupid.

I'm surprised it didn't ask me if I wanted a car wash, too.

+ original post date: January 8, 2009 02:51 PM
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The other day the machine at Sonic wanted to know if I knew my pin. It didn't want me to enter it. It just wanted to make sure I knew it. How nice!

+ author: Beebs
+ posted: January 9, 2009 01:56 PM

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