No More Company?

UPDATE: After re-reading this entry, I've made it sound like we don't want, or enjoy, company. That's not true. We really love having people stay with us. I was just commenting that the last 2.5 months were crazy busy and how that makes us really appreciate those lazy days when you sometimes feel bad for not getting anything done. Ja know?

When Ashlee and I moved into our house, we knew there were a few friends and family that wanted to come see the place and hang out in Kansas City. That's great for us, because we like entertaining people. And now that we actually have room for people to move around in, we thought we'd just welcome anyone that wanted to venture up here. But after this past weekend, if we don't have any more guests for the next six months, I'll be okay with that.

By my count, we've had guests for eight out of the past 11 weekends. That's a lot of guesting and a lot of fun. Here's who came by the pad (I believe in order of appearance):

  1. Brenda – A quick stay before she went back to the Peace Corp. After they hung out all day (at the park and other places), Brenda tried to give Ash a henna tattoo. I don't thin that worked out too well.
  2. Ashlee's mother and Tom – After we finally got them here (mis-directions all around), we cooked out and watched movies. Then they had the opportunity of almost having their car stolen. Awesome. Tom helped me install a GFI outlet in the bathroom (pictures still on the way).
  3. Todd and Sarah – A little weekend getaway. We made it down to the River Market Antique Mall where Todd found himself a complementary Redskins helmet to go with his Cowboys helmet.
  4. Kati – Before taking in her new residence in New York City, Kati visited us and the girls were busy. Their main jaunt was to the Nelson-Atkins Museum. During her stay, we put together a sweet wizard-on-a-dragon glow-in-the-dark puzzle.
  5. Brian and Jenny – An extended weekend getaway included an evening trip to Worlds of Fun, some wings and nachos at the Peanut, a delicious meal at Korma Sutra and a stop at Sidestreet Bar (more on that later).
  6. Bachelor Party – Ashlee took off to Hutchinson for the weekend of Trip's bachelor party. Me and the boys went to a T-Bones game, Texas Toms, a walking pub crawl of downtown KC, Genghis Kahn, McDonald's and the Peanut for chicken nachos. Not a single bad thing happened, amazingly.
  7. Jonathan and Lacy – Lacy's bday weekend included some straight up chillin', burgs and beers at the Foundry, a delicious cookout at home, another trip to the Sidestreet Bar (which turns out to be a gay bar, not that it's a bad thing, we just felt really dumb NOT knowing that since there are gay pride signs in the windows) and then Jonathan and Lacy got to see DMac steamroll the Chiefs.
  8. My mom and aunt – Overcoming the worst odds possible in Vegas, my mother finally made a trip up to KC. We didn't do a whole lot while they were here (mostly ate out and chilled), but I aerated and overseeded my yard (so watch out next year, my yard should rule... riiiiiight).

It'll be nice to have a few weekends back to ourselves. Sadly, that's not really going to happen because soon the month of Smitherson starts in Fayetteville (three weekend trips over five weeks).

+ original post date: September 23, 2008 07:07 AM
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