Fun Well Done, Indeed

Fun Well Done! When friends offer you free tickets to things, you normally say yes (sometimes without even knowing what they're referring to). This time, Ashlee and I were offered tickets to a Kansas City T-Bones game. The regular season hasn't started yet, but this was an exhibition game out at CommunityAmerica Ballpark, so we decided to go ahead and attend.

The tickets were being held for us at will call and we were to pick them up as we got to the game. There was a guy sitting outside of the will call booth and had envelopes full of tickets. He asked us if we were "here for the sponsor party?" We told him that we had to get our tickets from will call and he said, "oh, no, I've got your tickets." Okay then.

He then asked what company we were with, so we said Callahan Creek, seeing that the tickets were coming from friends that work there. He wasn't quite sure about that name, so we offered up the name of the client they work for at Callahan – Community America (yes, the same one on the name of the ballpark). That one made him smile and he grabbed our tickets and then gave us two passes to the sponsor party behind center field.

Not knowing what this party was, and not being able to get in touch with our friend who gave us the tickets, we decided to head back behind center field to see what was up.

I wouldn't so much call it a party, but more like a free dinner and free beer get-together. We grabbed some hot dogs and beers and enjoyed ourselves while texting with our friends, trying to figure out where everyone was.

We finally met up with our friends after the food. They were in section 111. Our tickets said 110. Confused, we asked if there was just a large group of people who came to the game with them. There weren't. We asked if they had gotten food and drink at the party behind center field. They hadn't. We asked if we were supposed to go to will call and not that guy out front for our tickets. They said we should've.

Oops. So to the two people that probably work for Community America that didn't get in for free last night, or have free drinks and food, we're sorry. And we owe you three beers, three hot dogs and some cole slaw.

+ original post date: May 4, 2008 09:02 AM
+ categories: Family/Friends, Funny, Ha Ha, Sports


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