Super Bowl Thoughts

Tide to Go won best spot in my opinion.What a game. What a classy losing coach. What a better variety of commercials than last year.

And with that, football is over until the fall and we only have two more months of good basketball left and then somewhere after that will be the entirely too long NBA playoffs. Then, after that, baseball. Ugh.

As an ad guy, the Super Bowl is the apex of the year for commercials. This year was better than last year, but there were still some head-scratchers. Here are my votes for best and worst:

The Best

#7 – Toyota Corolla (Badgers)
A truly unique way of selling how quiet a car is on the inside.

#6 – Doritos (Mouse Trap)
Wasn't expecting the giant mouse to crash through the wall. Or beat the man mercilessly.

#5 – Bud Light (Will Ferrell)
Usually you can't go wrong with Ferrell... the only problem is that the Bud Light bottle could've easily been anything else.

#4 – Coca Cola (It's Mine)
Fantastic spot. Great concept, effects and execution.

#3 – FedEx (Carrier Pigeons)
FedEx continues to impress me with their off-the-wall campaigns.

#2 – Bridgestone (Screaming Animals)
Who doesn't love screaming animals?

#1 – Tide To Go (Interview)
Hands down the best spot this year.

The Worst

#7 – Planters Nuts
The prat falls weren't even that good. Yawn.

#6 – Dell (RED)
I thought Gap had essentially killed the whole RED thing. And isn't being Green cooler now anyway?

#5 – GoDaddy.com
Time to give up the schtick, guys. How about you attack Network Solutions instead?

#4 – Bud Light (Mencia and Cavemen)
I'm done with cavemen and the joke thief.

#3 – AMP (Nipples)

#2 – E*TRADE (Banking Baby and Trading Baby)
Another talking baby spot? Where has our creativity gone?

#1 – Sales Genie (Indian Guy and Pandas)
What would cause more fuss produce more sales than undertones of racism?

There were a few more here and there that made no sense, but aren't worth talking about. What were your thoughts?

Additionally, here are three pointless things to report when a football game is played in a dome:

  1. The blimp flying around outside the dome.
  2. A fighter jet fly-by before the game.
  3. What the weather conditions are.

+ original post date: February 4, 2008 01:28 PM
+ categories: Advertising, Funny, Ha Ha, Sports, WTF


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What'd you think of the Bridgestone one with Alice Cooper/Richard Simmons, since its the same concept as the animals one?

Bob Garfield thinks its homophobic - I think he's a grouchy old man.

+ author: Kyle
+ posted: February 4, 2008 02:04 PM

That one was okay, but not nearly as good as the screaming animals. Bob Garfield is so off the deep-end now that I don't pay any attention to him anymore. What a freak.

+ author: sg
+ posted: February 4, 2008 02:45 PM


best one. cause they didn't pay a bajillion dollars to put it on tv.

+ author: Thomas
+ posted: February 5, 2008 10:00 AM

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