Hasbro, It's Time to Man Up

This one goes out to all you Facebookers out there: do you play Scrabulous? First off, if not, you're missing out. If you do, then you need to be aware that it could be going away in the near future. Why is that? Because Hasbro decided to sue Scrabulous since it's an exact rip-off of Scrabble.

On one hand it makes total sense as to why the lawsuit has been issued – Scrabulous is a clone, plain and simple. But because it was so well made and smartly integrated into a Facebook app, the guys who created it are making at least $25,000 in ad revenue a month due to the insane amount of players. Yikes. That's not your concept, guys.

But on the other hand, they just made Scrabble a LOT more top of mind than it has been in years. People all over are playing it and having a blast. Even Ashlee and I played the original board game a few weeks ago, and then for xmas, we got a 20-minute Scrabble edition to play during short breaks.

Hasbro, I think it silly for you guys to file a lawsuit. How about you man up and say, "nice job on making a game that people love to play (again)." Then, pay the dudes what you think the game is worth and subtract all the ad revenue from that figure.

Don't be dicks.

+ original post date: January 13, 2008 08:00 AM
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Agreed. If they're not interested in making an online version of Scrabble, they should let it go (I doubt it's hurting sales), or else hire the designers, get a ready-made version of the game for online players, and pocket the ad revenue.

Not only is Hasbro missing an opportunity, it seems they're aggressively knocking back opportunities. Knuckleheads.

+ author: fontor
+ posted: January 15, 2008 11:59 PM

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