No Mo NaBloPoMo

I had every intention of writing a post every day this month. In preparation, I had even written a few ahead of schedule, just in case I ran out of time on certain days. Not only that, but I had a list of things I could write about when in a pinch. Unfortunately, that pinch happened last week and it was so bad that I didn’t even check my personal emails for three days. Not only that, but I missed bowling and may miss more of it, too.

The pinch was work and it’s still got a grasp on me. I’d tell you what was going on, but I can’t. Just know that I was really looking forward to whooping NaBloPoMo’s ass, but now it’s not going to happen.

It doesn’t appear that much has happened during my off time... well, some things have happened. It looks like Houston Nutt might be out of a job in Arkansas (and there was much rejoicing). I feel like I did when Nolan was about to get the axe, I just want a fresh start for our football program. Nutt, while finally turning our program in a good direction, has done a LOT more to hurt it in the past few years. It’s time for a change and that time is now.

Have a good Thanksgiving week/weekend if I don’t get back on here. Travel safe and eat a lot.

+ original post date: November 19, 2007 07:24 AM
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