Because Motels are Gross

They were here.Situation: You’re a teenager, just barely old enough to drive – but have raging hormones. Where do you go with your girlfriend/boyfriend when you both want to “get jiggy with it?”

As said teenager, you don’t have too many options. Let’s see, you can risk being caught at home or at whatever local make-out point. You could go to a movie theater, but that’s tacky. The car down some back-road always works and is very romantic. Or, if you’re ballsy enough, you could go get a motel room – which is the epitome of class.

If only America were a little more like our Southern counterpart. As Bruno has explained to me before, in countries like Brazil and Argentina, it’s very common to live at home during/past your college years until you’re ready to marry. Therefore, you have a slew of awkward years in the household where you need to “take care of bidness.”

According to Bruno, not only are there make-out points aplenty, but there are also rooms people can rent per the hour. In Argentina, they’re called Telos, or transit hotels. According to a BBC article about them:

Telos have only one purpose... to provide a safe, comfortable place in which to have sex.

So it’s a little less-tacky than a Motel room, I think, simply because they acknowledge what they are. But at the same time, ew.

On the nerd side of things, this puts an interesting spin on the planet named Telos in the Doctor Who realm.

+ original post date: November 8, 2007 04:19 AM
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