BMN: Who’s Your Caddy?

“We see bad movies so that we can truly appreciate the good ones.”

Who's Your CaddySometimes you dread going to Bad Movie Night. Sometimes you outright fear it (right, Scoot?). Embarking to see what some would call Caddyblack, turned out to be the longest 90 minutes of my movie life. Scoring a whopping 8% on RottenTomatoes – seeing that only 24 critics were brave enough to see it – “Who’s Your Caddy” was easily one of the most pointless movies ever, ever, ever created.

The premise of the movie is all to similar to “Caddyshack.” Taken from IMDB’s plot outline for Caddyshack and amended for Who’s Your Caddy: An exclusive golf course has to deal with a brash new member and a destructive dancing gopher group of friends.

That’s it.

Ooooo, but wait! It’s a great chance for some Wayans Brother style fish-outta-water stuff! And by fish-outta-water, I mean the most over the top, stereotypical stuff that can be written. Here’s a checklist of the jokes:

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember them now. If you take that list, add in a few marijuana jokes, fart jokes, tricking out a golf cart, etc... you come up with your lame-ass movie.

Honestly, there didn’t seem to be a reason behind making this movie. The jokes fell flat (save a very few, like, two) and there wasn’t one redeeming quality that I can find. The movie was so horrible, in fact, that I had a very tough time trying to find an angle on which to write this review.

If there’s one thing positive to say about Who’s Your Caddy, it’s the fact that the harbinger of bad movies, Wanda Sykes, wasn’t in it! She must be too busy selling out to “good movies,” to be in crud like this. But since she wasn’t in it, someone had to take her place. That someone would be Finesse Mitchell. Yes, the same Finesse Mitchell that flunked out of Saturday Night Live after making zero people laugh over a span of three years. According to IMDB:

His best known character to date on "Saturday Night Live" is Starkisha, a "sassy" "ghetto girl" who finds it necessary to comment on all situations. Mitchell also appears frequently on "Weekend Update" to mock bizarre African-American first names, including his own.

Ring any bells? No? Shocking!

Just don’t go see this. You’d do better to take some Tylenol PM and see how long you balance on one leg.

+ original post date: August 14, 2007 06:30 AM
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Wow, that's bad. Even Soul Plane got 18% on Rotten Tomatoes.

+ author: KFad
+ posted: August 14, 2007 08:17 AM

How bad was it? We were the only honkeys in a moderately full theater, but no one else was laughing much either. A giggle here, a chuckle there. For the most part it was fairly quiet in that auditorium. And if you know stereotypes as well as this movie does, you know what that means. ;)

+ author: ScooterJ
+ posted: August 14, 2007 02:09 PM

Having sat right next to you during this flick, I remember you laughing hardest at the little kid exclaiming "oh, I wanna see dat!" after seeing the trailer for Billy Bob Thornton's new movie "Mr. Woodcock."

And, of course, there was the whole bet the gang had on how far we'd progress into the movie before one of the actors would invoke the name "Tiger Woods." You won with your time of seven minutes (or was it 7.5?) being the closest.

Hey, it could have been worse - we could have seen "Daddy Day Camp."

Oh, wait...


+ author: Ken
+ posted: August 15, 2007 09:14 AM

You can't tell me you never laughed at Starkisha every time he/she told his/her joke.

+ author: Andy
+ posted: August 16, 2007 10:02 AM

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