The All-New MySpace Profile Editor

I finally found myself logging into MySpace for the first time this week and I’ve noticed that they’re starting to clean up the interface some. I’m sorry, I meant they’re "trying" to clean up the interface – it would take a really large bomb to clean that place up. But amongst some of the smaller, insignificant changes, I noticed a link:

Check out the New MySpace Profile Editor NEW!

Don’t mind the redundant "new" in that phrase. Instead, pay more attention to the "New MySpace Profile Editor." Yes, now you can legally change your profile on MySpace with the help of their "still in beta" profile editor.

We’ve all seen the custom profiles that our friends have made – all of them amazing. But now even those of us who didn’t know how to edit a profile by using one of the many many MySpace profile editors out there, well, now we can. Who’s willing to bet that since it’s a MySpace-provided utility, it probably does things the other ones didn’t. Let’s check the list of things you can modify!

Impressive. For those of you keeping score at home, no, it doesn’t do anything more than you could already do with the other profile editors (unless you're counting on "& More!" to have a hidden gem in it). In all actuality, this is yet another thing that MySpace can sell ad space for – currently, it’s being sponsored by the new Fantastic Four movie (which is rated PG... c’mon, PG!?!). So if you want to see what a basic profile could really be, click the thumbnail to the right. You’ll be astounded.

Done being amazed? Good. If you can, go check out the profile editor page. Underneath the example in the image I’ve provided, there’s yet another one with Tom’s photo as a tiled background. Is that really what we need, MySpace perpetuating the thousands of crappy profiles that it already houses? We’re not living in the early 90’s anymore, web sites and social profiles can be cool looking (see Virb). The last thing we need is MySpace enabling half the known world to make things look even shittier.

But here’s where MySpace really toots its own idiotic horn.

We’re still in Beta, so this feature currently only works for regular MySpace profiles in Internet Explorer. If you’re using another browser or are a band, filmmaker, or comedian, stay tuned. We’re working on it!

I thought we were well beyond the days of things only working in one browser. MySpace proves me wrong, once again. I bet Facebook is shaking in their boots.

+ original post date: June 14, 2007 07:49 PM
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You think it will take over eventually? I remember thinking MySpace could never do it a few years ago...then it did.

+ author: Todd
+ posted: June 18, 2007 08:08 AM

I don't think this will be the demise of other editors. People will always want variety. And the MySpace Profile Editor not only cannot be used in other browsers, it does not allow you to save profiles for others to use or use later yourself. Stylyrs will allow you to do that and more. Try it out for yourself! http://www.stylyrs.com

+ author: Andrea
+ posted: July 14, 2007 11:43 AM

" this feature currently only works for regular MySpace profiles in Internet Explorer"

It doesn't even work for that...

"You think it will take over eventually?"

It's already reached it's prime, now we just wait for the next site. Myspace is AOL Reloaded.

+ author: Count Monaco
+ posted: December 2, 2007 11:24 PM

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