I Am Loved-ed-ness

It’s official, Helzberg is in love with widgets. Our snow globe widget did so well over the holidays (even beating out a Target widget that was the “widget spotlight”) that when we have an opportunity to create one, we will.

It just so happens that the opportunity has surfaced. Some time in the past year, Helzberg Diamonds purchased the rights to the “I Am Loved” buttons that have been around for 39 years (they used to just be in association with them). Now they own it and it’s the 40th anniversary of the buttons.

Currently, you can get the buttons in 11 different languages (no purchase necessary, just go on down to your local store). But when you think about it, 11 is such an odd number (and prime at that). Why not make it an even twelve? Well, instead of Helzberg just saying what that next language will be, they’ve offered that choice to the general populace. Right now, you can help choose the next I Am Loved language on Helzberg.com... and also register to win a $10,000 shopping spree (that is, if you don’t work for the client, like I do).

The “I Am Loved” Memory WidgetIn addition to the voting, we’ve created interactive banners and a new widget to help support this movement – the “I Am Loved” Memory Widget. We all love the classic memory game, don’t we? That’s exactly what this widget is. You can also upload your own photos into 10 of the 12 sets of buttons, customizing your game even more. It’s pretty fun.

You can get the widget from several different places:

In other widget news, the Valentine’s Day Countdown we made last year was recently mentioned on TUAW, which is cool.

Sorry this was so work-serving, I just get excited about the stuff we do.

+ original post date: February 4, 2007 09:40 AM
+ categories: Advertising, Holidays, Pop Culture, Things I've Made, Web Stuff


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