Spam Solution?

Hmmm. What to do, whaaaaat to do... Say, hypothetically, that I really needed to send out a spam email with the words “valium, viagra, cialis and xanax” in it. The problem is, I couldn’t actually put those words in it since it would probably get flagged by spam filters. What could I do?

Images? Nah, that’s over-used.

Misspelled words? Meh, I’d run the risk of someone not knowing what I’m trying to say.

Oooooh! I’ve got it! How about a cheap version of ASCII art!?!

This is an image of an actual spam message that I received today, sent courtesy of Wanadoo Nederland BV with the IP address of Thanks guys. And if you ever want to look up who’s sending you spam, check out

+ original post date: November 20, 2006 01:22 PM
+ categories: Advertising, Computers, Web Stuff


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hehe, my spam comes from canadia. very nice tool. thanx for this.

+ author: annabelle
+ posted: November 27, 2006 02:31 PM

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