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It’s only August 6th and already we’re barreling down to our first premiere of the season – Prison Break returns on Monday, August 21. I figure since the upcoming fall season is on my mind now, why not give my review of the new and upcoming shows?

It looks like CBS and NBC finally gave up on adding more CSIs and Law & Orders, finally. But this year it appears chic to have a number in your title – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, 30 Rock, 6°, The Nin9 – or maybe a one-word title – Jericho, Shark, Smith. Oh, those silly TV production companies.

What’s the skinny on the new shows...

Brothers & Sisters – ABC, Sundays at 10 Eastern
I know more than a few people who will be excited about the return of Calista Flockhart, but will she be enough to keep this Arrested Development rip off? I think it will stick around longer than most other new shows will, especially since it’s getting a lead-in from Housewives and it’s taking Grey’s place.

The Knights of Prosperity – ABC, Tuesdays at 9 Eastern
“From the creators of Ed...” almost got me interested. But since this is the first I’ve heard about this show, I won’t even watch once. Nor will many others.

Help Me Help You – ABC, Tuesdays at 9:30 Eastern
Another Ted Danson sitcom? I thought he was still on CBS? Alright... well the idea of the show – group therapy with a pretty crazy doctor – sounds pretty funny. My fear is that it’s too gimmicky, you can’t just be weird anymore to have a long-standing show.

The Nin9 – ABC, Wednesdays at 10 Eastern
And now begins round two of trying to create the next Lost. Go read the synopsis, seriously... “And they will be forever affected and intertwined because of it.” *sigh* At least it has Chi McBride and is from the Executive Producer of The West Wing. I’d like to see this work out, but my hopes are very cautious.

– ABC, Thursdays at 10 Eastern
Round two, part two! The popular Kevin Bacon game becomes a TV show! But wait, it’s from the producers of Lost and Alias, we can’t lose!

Ugly Betty – ABC, Fridays at 8 Eastern
An ugly girl nerd is hired at a fashion magazine and, let me guess, even though she doesn’t fit in, she’ll help make the magazine popular again??? Who cares! Besides, it’s on Friday nights, so no one cares.

Men in Trees – ABC, Fridays at 9 Eastern
The once gay (forever confused) Anne Heche plays a relationship coach and has authored two wildly popular books on the subject. Uh-oh, then HER relationship falls apart... that’s irony. I knew this reeked of Sex in the City after reading the first paragraph (it comes from the head writer of said show), too bad ABC slotted it on a Friday night. Not good news.

The Class – CBS, Mondays at 8 Eastern
This is the only new CBS comedy of the season... so it must be good... right? My instincts (because it’s on CBS) say no, but when I read that it’s coming from David Crane (Emmy®-winning writer-producer from Friends) and Jeffrey Klarik (writer-producer from Mad About You), then my ears perk up a little. Still won’t watch it, though. Sorry CBS.

Smith – CBS, Tuesdays at 10 Eastern
New One-Word CBS Drama #1. Remember Heist from last year on NBC? No? Yeah, no one watched it. This is the same show, with different actors. But this one is produced by John Wells (ER, The West Wing), so maybe there’s a little more punch behind it.

Jericho – CBS, Wednesdays at 8 Eastern
New One-Word CBS Drama #2. Something about an explosion and an isolated town. Blah blah.

Shark – CBS, Thursdays at 10 Eastern
New One-Word CBS Drama #3. This is the Commander in Chief of ’06. James Woods (multiple Oscar® nominee) stars, Brian Grazer (Oscar-winner, A Beautiful Mind, 24) produces and Spike Lee directs the pilot. Is the super powered law firm story line overdone? Probably.

Vanished – Fox, Mondays at 9 Eastern
What happens when you cross CSI, 24 and The DaVinci Code? You get a canceled series. Sometimes too much planning doesn’t make a good show.

Happy Hour – Fox, Thursdays at 8:30 Eastern
Would you be happy going up against NBC’s The Office? Me either. Bye-bye.

‘Til Death – Fox, Thursdays at 8 Eastern
All CBS fans rejoice, Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) is back! Non-CBS fans rejoice, they won’t make it in this time-slot!

Standoff – Fox, Tuesdays at 8 Eastern
Let’s take 24 and combine it with Moonlighting. Good. Oh, can we also find another government agency acronym to use? Let’s see, CSI, CTU, NCIS, The X-Files and JAG have all been used... how about CNU? Perfect! This one will be CNCL’d.

Heroes – NBC, Mondays at 9 Eastern
This looks like a very cool show. Sure it’s playing off of the super hero hype, but it’s an interesting look at it. This is the kind of show that other networks should be trying to create and I think it could have a shot since 24 doesn’t come back until January.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – NBC, Mondays at 10 Eastern
Aaron Sorkin, Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry. Need I say more? Okay, if you want to see the premiere, then head on over to Netflix and request it. This should be gold, people... gold.

Friday Night Lights – NBC, Tuesdays at 8 Eastern
Didn’t this already come out as a movie? Yes. Is there really more to the story than what we’ve already seen? Doubtful. Is it weird that it’s on Tuesday nights? Definitely.

Twenty Good Years – NBC, Wednesdays at 8 Eastern
Awww, look, it’s The Odd Couple with John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor. Trailers look funny, maybe the show will be.

30 Rock – NBC, Wednesdays at 8:30 Eastern
If you haven’t heard, Tina Fey quit SNL to concentrate on this show (and her upcoming films). Also joining her will be SNL alums Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan and oft-host Alec Baldwin. Yeah, it sounds like a shorter version of Studio 60, but everyone says it isn’t.

Kidnapped – NBC, Wednesdays at 10 Eastern
This show looks to be what Fox wanted to do with Vanished... but couldn’t. It seems similar to Man of Fire and Ransom, but serialized. And it has some great marketing to boot. Not only can you also get this show’s premiere on Netflix, but the dedicated web site could be fun (the kidnapped suspect has a MySpace profile). I bet this is NBC’s answer to Lost and will try to grow the show in that vein.

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