Shoosh! We Saved The Owners!!!

Well good golly, the stadium vote passed. Even though I wasn’t for it, I figured it would pass. The ironic thing is even though Question One passed (to renovate the stadiums), Question Two (to build a rolling roof and to secure a Super Bowl) didn’t. I’m a bit baffled on that one. But now we don’t have to worry about the “assumed” threats that the owners would leave.

So out of this deal we get an All-Star game and 25 more years of driving to the Truman Sports Complex and then driving back downtown to do something after the game.

What about the roof?
According to the Star (which was so overly pro questions one and two, that it was sickening – why were they so against Bi-State II?), the roof still isn’t out of the question. Wow, didn’t see that one coming (served with a huge slice of sarcasm). My bet is that since Lamar Hunt so desperately wants a Super Bowl (and all the money that comes with it), then he’ll somehow “find” the money to get the roof built.

It’s all a bit bogus to me. In St. Louis, the owners funded $90.1M in the new $345M Busch Stadium (that’s over 25%). Yet, on the other side of the state, our owners can only muster up almost $100M of the $575M tab to renovate the stadiums (that’s a little over 17%). The guys over at 810 Sports say that David Glass (owner of the Royals) and Hunt will make their contributed money back within the first year after renovations are complete. Awesome. Thanks for helping out, boys. Now let’s do what Jason Whitlock says and give the fans something to root for.

Here’s my take on the whole situation:

UPDATE: This editorial from the KC Business Journal sums up exactly how I feel. It's not that it passed, it's that the whole pro campaign was seedy and bs.

+ original post date: April 5, 2006 11:33 AM
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i think i can live with what happened. still disappointed but the roof was the biggets thing to defeat.

+ author: worstweatherever
+ posted: April 5, 2006 11:50 AM

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