The Results Are In. All 33 of them.

33 votes? How lame. 33. And just how many of you erased cookies so that you could vote again? Ah well. A vote’s a vote, right? And now, we have a winner...

But I’m not going to tell you the winner just yet. Why don’t we go through each submitted caption and I’ll let you in on the back story for each one? Sounds great!

Okay, that sounds stupid, too... here, I’ll just give you my favorite submitted captions:

Caption Bar: The boys curse each other for letting this photo be taken.
Aaron Says: May you lose a minor bodily organ.
Seth Says: May someone saw that thing off your neck.

Caption Bar: no caption
Seth Says: I want to do great design...VML?
Aaron Says: I want to write great copy...VML?

Caption Bar: Psychic Predictions, 1985.
Seth Says: Billy will lose a hunk of his thumb.
Aaron Says: Oh, Seth. Thatíll never happen.

Caption Bar: Psychic Predictions, 1985, Part Three
Aaron Says: Whatís the worst thing I could say, ever?
Seth Says: Marco?

While they were hilarious, none of those captions were the winner.

With a 30% total of the 33 votes casted, your winning caption is:

Caption Bar: A hint of things to come... (pt.1)
Seth Says: Hey, why were you so late getting to my house today?
Aaron Says: I totally got sidetracked while fixing my hair.

If that’s you, lemme know and Aaron and I will get you a nice ol’ prize pack. Thanks for playing! And thanks to everyone who submitted a caption and/or attended the party. It was a blast!

+ original post date: November 15, 2005 08:43 AM
+ categories: Things I've Made


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Whoa, that caption was mine. I did not, however, vote more than once. That said, I am still a lame-o for voting for myself, even if it was only once. WEINER! I mean WINNER!

+ author: Crasymaker
+ posted: November 17, 2005 08:11 PM

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