The UK Gets Lost

Yes, more Lost stuff here... but this is good, I promise. Without going into anything about Season Two, the other day I happened across a nifty little Lost video promo (made by David LaChapelle and features a Portishead song) for a British television station – Channel 4. The video is very cool and is basically gearing up the UK for the premeire of the spiraling-out-of-control show.

Here’s what Jim Emerson has to say about it:

If you’re familiar with the show, then it all makes a kind of spooky sense: Jack and Sawyer both dancing with Kate; Jin and Michael dancing with Sun; Boone dancing with an noticeably non-pregnant Claire, and (in one brief shot) interceding between Sayid and Shannon; Hurley lugging his suitcase along the shore; Charlie dancing with himself; and Locke seemingly conducting the whole thing (echoed by young Walt). But they’re dressed in anachronistic formal wear and the women have lots of smeary mascara.

But the really cool thing about this is the Lost microsite that you can get to from Channel 4’s site. It’s your typical show/film site, complete with charactier bios, episode guides, etc. Nothing too special.

Except this – UNTOLD: Step Into The Subconscious.

It’s a GREAT microsite about Lost and it’s first season and has tons of stuff to play around with. Also, lots of online help as well... for those who don’t want to mess around with the microsite to see the other stuff I’m talking about, here are some links:

That’s all that I found. If you find more, let me know!!!

+ original post date: October 13, 2005 01:20 PM
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yeah, i've seen that driveshaft thing before. there's that dharmaindustries.com thing. but maybe i actually saw that on your site? anyhoo, that uk trailer was amazing. if only they did that here, a lot more people would actually watch it instead of looking over my shoulder to say, what's that?

+ author: barrie
+ posted: October 14, 2005 02:13 PM

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