I Met Murphy Once

My good friend, Tug, had to put his dog, Murphy, to sleep yesterday. He wrote a eulogy about him and posted it on his blog. Get the tissues ready, this one’s good. And if you have a pet, hug him/her extra hard tonight and tell it that you love them. Now, go celebrate Murphy’s passing.

+ original post date: September 15, 2005 09:40 AM
+ categories: Family/Friends


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Well that wasn't fair to do to a recently post partum woman with two dogs that are 10+ years old. I am a wreck now. Thanks.

+ author: Sam
+ posted: September 15, 2005 01:06 PM

Yeah, I sent the story to my wife and sister-in-law. They both got sappy. But I sure did give my dog a lot of love tonight! Playing catch and just petting. Ah, the joys of pets.

+ author: Nelson
+ posted: September 15, 2005 08:21 PM

What a wonderful story and yes, I cried. It reminded to me love Flash and Betty just a little more. It also flooded me with memories of Cornelius Von Jupiter. M

+ author: Anonymous
+ posted: September 19, 2005 08:14 AM

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