A Q&A Session With Seth

The agency I work at has an internal newsletter that’s published about once every three weeks. The purpose of the newsletter is to tie the three offices together with client/work news from each city and also to promote individual/team achievements. One portion of the brief newsletter is a Q&A ... and this issue, was mine!

Behold the zaniness of Seth (interactive art director, KC)! (warning, this post may [read: does] contain offensive language!)

What’s the one thing people would be surprised to learn about Seth Gunderson?
How about we play 1 Truth, 6 Lies? Ready? Go. I’m 50 Cent’s stunt double. I’ve jumped out of a plane and done a triple-gainer into the Danube, in the nude. “I eat pieces of s*** like you for breakfast,” was my contribution to “Happy Gilmore.” I think I’m a descendant of Set, the Egyptian God of Death. I once invented a robot vampire and named him Willy. I’ve thrown many virgins into erupting volcanoes, for fun. I truly do eat pieces of s*** like you for breakfast.

As coach of the SHS-KC softball team, how do you explain the heartbreaking playoff loss to your old agency, VML, a team you had beaten twice earlier in the season?
Hmmm, good question ... and a tough one at that. No, wait! They won because they’re f***ing cheaters! Must be nice to have you’re A-team just waiting in the wings to bail your crappy B-team out during the playoffs. We gave them a good game, though, and karma’s a bitch ... they lost in the Championship game. Eat it, a-holes.

Why is it that Jon Kowing has several videos of you dancing a dance that makes people a little uncomfortable?
Look Neil, if by “uncomfortable” you mean “leaving the room and heading straight to the bathroom,” then I don’t know what you mean. You were the only one that did that, so why don’t YOU tell US.

What is the one Web site you can’t live without?
I dislike your rules. Here are some of the best from my RSS list:,,, (heh, burn) and

(Editor’s note: We apologize for Seth’s hostility to all mankind, especially to those of us at The Quiver. We’ll try to get him some help.)

+ original post date: September 23, 2005 01:06 PM
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