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If you're like me, then you're on a computer over eight hours a day. Whether it's emailing, browsing, coding, designing, etc., I'm on the computer. I get tired of using the mouse and, chances are, I'm not using it correctly (in the ergonomic sense, that is). In my world of HTML/CSS and Photoshopping, I've found that you can save a whole bunch of time by using keyboard shortcuts. It even annoys me some to watch others NOT use them.

My friend Justin once told me something about shortcuts that I never truly understood, until recently. His profound statement was this... don't you wish sometimes you could undo things in life by hitting command-z (or ctrl-z)? Imagine that, you spill a drink, command-z, no mess. Amazing.

The other day, a friend had a similar thought... in our restroom at work, we have a large set of magnetic words to play with while sitting on the john. At first the words were easy to find, all spaced out and separated. That's not the case now, they're all over the place and it's nearly impossible to find the word(s) you're looking for. How could would it be to just hit command-f to find the word you want?

Other ideas?

Command-tab (alt-tab) to switch between tasks that you're doing – grocery shopping, restroom break, watching a movie, etc.

Command-s (ctrl-s) to save a conversation you're having before it spirals out of control.

Esc to disappear from any uncomfortable moment.

Ctrl-alt-del (pc-world only) to go to bed.

I dunno. Sounds kinda goofy now that I just typed all that out.

+ original post date: August 12, 2005 08:15 PM
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Wow, what a great concept! And thanks for translating the commands for us non-Mac-ers.

I think my 2 favorite that you listed was the shift/tab to switch functions (I think women are ingrained with this function, while men are left in the DOS prompt world of single-tasking) and the Esc button.

Of course, the Undo function would be pretty darn handy, too...especially in marriage situations. Say the wrong thing that ignites your wife's temper? Undo!

I think there could be some real potential for copy/paste in the real world, too. Don't want to mow your yard or re-landscape? Copy someone else's and paste it. Same thing for painting and decorating the house.

+ author: Nelson
+ posted: August 12, 2005 09:24 PM

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